SOLS Tech donates 45 computers with funds raised from #BuroLovesGiving

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By Wei Yeen Loh

SOLS Tech donates 45 computers with funds raised from #BuroLovesGiving

Did you know that 33% of the Malaysian population (that is 10,000,000 for you) do not have access to the Internet? It isn’t something we’re consciously aware of, or even grateful for everyday whenever we whip out our phones to Instagram or even to read our very own site.


Fact: Many young talented individuals in under-served communities lack the same work opportunities as those who are technology-literate. But help comes in the form of a social enterprise named SOLS Tech. This group of Microsoft certified and registered professionals utilise IT solutions for the poor through CSR initiatives. By cooperating with companies and foundations, SOLS Tech works to collect computers and digital devices, provide free IT education for underprivileged youths, and donate computers to underserved communities in the Malaysian peninsular. Thus far, this has benefitted 187 organisations with 1,526 computer sets and 4,580 digital devices donated.

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SOLS Tech’s donation program is carried out through four major steps.

1) Once the used digital devices are collected, the team will check to see if they are usable or otherwise. Unusable devices will be disassembled and all materials will be sold to recycling factories.

2) The storage disks of these computers will be wiped out 16 times through a high secure encryption scheme to ensure that no data can be recovered from these disks.

3) Different types of operating systems with programs from Microsoft and Linux packages will be installed to the refurbished computers to suit the different needs of the NGOs.

4) Lastly, education programs and games will be installed through “RACHEL” (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) for teaching purposes.

In conjunction with the season of giving last December, our #BuroLovesGiving campaign raised RM11,810 with the help of #FriendsofBuro selling their pre-loved goods and the sales from an assortment of Buro gingerbread cookies and Gelatomio ice cream. With this whopping sum of money, SOLS Tech was able to collect, refurbish, and donate 45 computers to eight organisations in Malaysia, including Africa Asia Destitute Relief Friendship, Malaysian Foundation for the Blind, YouthCorp Malaysia, One World Peace Maker Foundation and more:

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If you’d like to make a positive difference to the Malaysian society by helping out SOLS Tech, you can do so by donating your own digital devices, sponsoring RM250 for a whole computer set, nominate a deserving community to get a computer donation, or volunteer as part of the team! Find out more here.


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