#BuroSocial: An indulgent afternoon with caviar and good company


By Su Fen Tan

#BuroSocial: An indulgent afternoon with caviar and good company

Did you know?  Caviar comes from sturgeons — a fish from the Acipenseridae family that grows and breeds in the Caspian Sea of the Russian and Iranian coasts — and it takes up to 20 years for a sturgeon to fully mature before they can produce eggs. These were just some of the nuggets of knowledge that guests at our second #BuroSocial got to indulge in as we whisked them away last Thursday for an afternoon of networking, caviar and pampering. 

Hosted in collaboration with Poseidon Caviar & Seafood Bar at their upcoming new venue at Atlas Gourmet Market, Four Seasons Place, the theme of this #BuroSocial revolved around one of the world’s most popular and prized delicacies — caviar. As guests started streaming in, the space was buzzing with excitement alongside sounds of old friends catching up and the mingling of new acquaintances. After a welcome speech by deputy editor Gwen Ong, guests were then ushered for the main agenda of this afternoon: a caviar masterclass. 

To ensure everyone gets an exclusive, hands-on experience, guests were split into batches of 10 for each session. Caviar experts Patrick Devendran of Poseidon and his Russian counterpart Victoria Solyanik spearheaded the masterclass along with Gwen and lifestyle editor Rachel Au, introducing guests to five different types of caviar and the best way to savour them. Here’s a tip you can learn too: place the caviar on the back of your hand between your index finger and thumb — it’s the purest form of tasting the delicacy without interference of other foreign texture or flavours. In between the tasting, guests were encouraged to cleanse their palette with champagne, white wine and non-alcoholic beverages from Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino. Last but not least, it was only befitting that glasses of Dom Pérignon champagne were served with the most expensive caviar of the day, the Sterlet. 

Keeping with the theme of the afternoon, there was also a station setup by caviar experts of the skincare industry, La Prairie. The brand is the pioneer in anti-ageing cellular therapy and they’re one of the first to infuse caviar extract into its skincare range, namely the Skin Caviar. At #BuroSocial, guests were treated to a luxurious hand massage using La Prairie’s sensorial beauty products. After all that pampering, they could opt for something a little more gritty by trying their hands at shucking oysters at the bar, or simply enjoy the (really) fresh oysters and other seafood canapés prepared by Poseidon.

Don’t fret if you missed out — watch the video below for a mini masterclass and highlights from the afternoon:


Images by: All is Amazing

Video by: Octopost Studio.

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