BURO enters the Metaverse with first BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot NFT drop

Tarot in the Metaverse


By Phyll Wu

BURO enters the Metaverse with first BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot NFT drop

Tarot cards have always been an intriguing enigma that has sparked curiousity ever since its inception around the late 14th to early 15th century. Despite advancements in technology, tarot reading has made a return as a trendy hobby among many who seek guidance—or perhaps just to have fun.

With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs, many forms of traditional art have progressed into the digital world where art meets innovation. That being said, BURO is proud to announce our venture into the world of NFTs with the launch of the BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot collection in collaboration with leading NFT creatives and distribution platform, NFKings. This marks our entry into the Metaverse, bringing the fascinating mysteries of tarot to the digital space and beyond.

Designed in partnership with British tarot reader and medium Anna O’Brien, each card has been carefully selected to provide an insight into the mystery of what awaits the collectors in 2022. The deck includes a spread of 11 cards comprising the Major Arcana (Super Rare Tier) and Minor Arcana (Rare Tier), featuring a modern, luxurious take on the illustrations that each represent a unique story. 

The first 10 cards are being sold as a Mystery Box on Binance NFT, while the 11th card—being the most unique and rare—will be auctioned off exclusively on the luxury NFT marketplace Brytehall. In total, there are 5,000 Mystery Boxes up for grabs. Ahead of the launch, take a look at the NFT collection in the gallery below and keep reading to find out how you can win a free trip to London!

If you’d like to be among the lucky few to add the BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot NFTs to your collection, allow us to address the details:

How many Mystery Boxes will be available for each card?

Major Arcana — Super Rare Tier

  • Wheel of Fortune — one of one, sold only to the highest bidder on Brytehall
  • The Empress — 400 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • The Emperor — 400 mystery box sold on Binance NFT 
  • Justice — 400 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • The Devil — 400 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • The Tower — 400 mystery box sold on Binance NFT

Minor Arcana — Rare Tier

  • Ace of Wands — 600 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • Two of Swords — 600 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • Six of Swords — 600 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • Sevens of Cups — 600 mystery box sold on Binance NFT
  • Ten of Pentacles — 600 mystery box sold on Binance NFT

How to purchase #BUROMetaverseMarvelsTarot NFT?

1. Visit the Binance website.

2. Create an account on Binance or log in to your Binance account.

3. Top up your spot wallet with BNB, BUSD or ETH.

4. Search BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot.

How to buy an NFT Mystery Box?

1. On the Mystery Box product page, you’ll see a fixed price for the box. Click [Buy] to purchase.

2. An [Order Detail] pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your purchase’s details. Click [Confirm] to complete your purchase.

3. Once your purchase is successful, click [Collections] on the confirmation pop-up window to view your unopened Mystery Box. Alternatively, you can visit [User Centre] > [Mystery Box] > [Collections].

How to open your Mystery Box?

Open your mystery box right after or keep it as it is in your collection—it’s up to you. To open your Mystery Box, follow the steps below:

1. Go to [User Centre] > [Mystery Boxes] > [Collections]. Click on the Mystery Box you want to open.

2. You’ll be directed to the Mystery Box product page. Press [Click to Reveal], then click [Open box].

3. Now you’ll see what NFT you have unboxed from your Mystery Box. You can find the NFT in your Mystery Box collection. To view, go to [User Centre] > [Mystery Boxes] > [Collections].

Upon collection of all 10 unique Metaverse Marvels Boxes that represent the full tarot deck, collectors will also stand a chance to win prizes which include:

1. 5,000 BUSD prize pool

In order to qualify, collectors will have to open three mystery boxes comprising two BURO. Minor Arcana NFT and one BURO. Major Arcana NFT before the secondary market opens. The rewards will be evenly distributed among qualified participants (limited to the first 20 collectors). Check out NFKingsPro on Twitter for more details. 

2. An online tarot card reading with Anna O’Brien

Collectors who own all 10 editions of the Mystery Boxes i.e. each tarot from the deck by 1 June 2022, will qualify to receive a personalised reading with British tarot reader Anna O’Brien, hosted online.

3. One of one Wheel of Fortune NFT and a free trip to London for an in-person private reading with Anna O’Brien

Collectors who own all 10 editions of NFTs by 7AM MYT, 1 June 2022 can participate in an auction on Brytehall to win the one of one Wheel of Fortune NFT. The highest bidder will receive the opportunity to fly to London to have an in-person tarot reading with Anna O’Brien. Auction closes 7PM MYT, 3 June 2022.

Winners will be contacted by June 4 with details on redeeming their tarot reading with Anna O’Brien.

The BURO. Metaverse Marvels Tarot NFT collection will be launching at 7PM MYT, 25 May 2022. For more information, visit Binance NFT and Brytehall. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates. 

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