Bulgari announces the restoration of the iconic Spanish Steps in Rome

Reviving an icon


By Buro247

Bulgari announces the restoration of the iconic Spanish Steps in Rome

Unbeknownst to some, the iconic Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy share a rich history with Bulgari. It was in 1884 that founder of the brand Sotirio Bulgari opened his first shop close to the Steps in Via Sistina, with the later addition of two boutiques in Via Condotti. In 1923, the boutique at no. 10 Via Condotti became the only Bulgari store in Rome, while for decades the Steps continued to link it with the Bulgari family home.

With the aim to restore one of the city of Rome’s most famous monuments – also an iconic location for Bulgari – CEO of the Bulgari Group Jean-Christophe Babin and Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino recently announced that the Spanish Steps would be refurbished and that work on the conservation and renovation of it would soon begin.

“We are delighted to announce the start of work on the renovation of the Spanish Steps, the project Bulgari has chosen to pay tribute to its city to mark its 130th anniversary, celebrated in 2014,” Babin said. “Rome’s rich archeological, artistic and architectural heritage has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our collections; the extraorginary patronage for a monument which represents the heart of our story is yet another expression of the indissoluble bond between Bulgari and the Eternal City.”

Built between 1823 and 1726, the Spanish Steps were designed as a theatrical link between Piazza di Spagna below and the slopes of the Pincian Hill on which the Church of the Trinita dei Monti sits. The Steps soon became the go-to spot for leisurely walks in the centre. As the 1950s rolled along, the Eternal City became an open-air cinema set, setting many an iconic backdrop for numerous films including Roman Holiday, Three Girls from Rome, and To Rome with Love, to name a few. 


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