#BrunchwithBuro: Talking women empowerment and leadership

Our definition of girl power


By Gwen Ong

#BrunchwithBuro: Talking women empowerment and leadership

It was an inspirational and lively morning as Buro 24/7 hosted 14 women to our first ever exclusive #BrunchwithBuro at The Ritz-Carlton KL. The ladies may have come from different industries but they all gathered together as one in the spirit of women supporting women. We were privileged to be in the midst of strong and sassy personalities as they voiced their thoughts on gender equality at the workplace, personal role models as well as career highs and lows. 

Following a welcome note by editor-in-chief Cai Mei, our wonder women bantered over a sumptuous spread of brunch favourites. Soo Shea Pin, the managing director of Anya Hindmarch, talked us through her transition from a 20-year law background to where she is now in the fashion industry. “I enjoy meeting people and connecting with them. I believe in this way, there’s so much we can learn from each other and grow. We’re constantly growing,” she said.

Similarly, Izrin Ismail of Innai Red discovered from early on that a good support system and a strong team make a big difference to building a successful business. Tengku Chanela Jamidah, who is the creative director behind Thavia, shed light on her fashion label and the expectations demanded of a savvy businesswoman.

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Bloomberg news anchor, Sophie Kamaruddin then reminded us that there needs to be more respect accorded to our women and we should give recognition where it’s due – a sentiment that strongly resonates with everyone at the table. On the subject of difficulties faced by female leaders, Dian Lee, the managing director of Clearwater Group opined, “unfortunately, sexism is still present and I’ve learned to rise above it. We have to be smart in picking our battles.”

While Selina Yeop Jr opened up and shared on the challenges she has faced running her own public relations firm and sitting on the board of directors for a few companies.

“As women, we are always questioned when we’re in a position of importance but we must believe that we’re not lesser beings. Women are just as capable as men in running the show,” Selina emphasised.

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In line with the theme of the day, the founder of Wanderlust + Co, Jenn Low shared the idea behind the brand’s campaign, Actually I Can. The Imagine Cuff was designed as a reflection of a strong, confident woman and as a reminder that the possibilities are endless if we believe more in ourselves. Part of the proceeds from the sale is channelled to the ‘Sponsor A Sister’ programme, which is in support of war survivors to gain year-long training and life changing skills.

Buro 24/7 would like to extend our thanks to all our beautiful guests for this inspirational session. Special thanks also to The Ritz-Carlton KL for the brunch. 

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