#InstaLove: Best cats with Instagram accounts to follow

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Best cats with Instagram accounts to follow

 1. @nala_cat

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Seven-year-old Nala has eyes that can melt anyone’s hearts. The Siamese and Tabby mix was adopted from the shelter when she was five months old and today she was over three million followers on Instagram. 


2. @benjithecatofficial


This Instagram account is absolutely adorable and its owner positively creative. Benji The Cat claims to be the most handsome cat on the internet—in reality, the owner grabs photos of real cats (or situations) and draws Benji in. 


3. @iamlilbub

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Lil Bub is, as her owners describe, a ‘one of a kind magical space cat’. Despite her tongue always sticking out, Bub always looks like she’s smiling. 


4. @kittenxlady

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There are cat ladies and then there’s the kitten lady—a professional kitten rescuer as well as a humane educator, she uses her Instagram account to not only document the adorable kittens she has rescued but the reality of their conditions. 


5. @elfie_gimli

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Some say that two is better than one and there’s no truer saying for 3.5-year-old cat siblings Elfie and Gimli. Both were also adopted from the shelter and have the cutest expressions (even the grumpy ones). And hey, even Cole Sprouse likes them. 


6. @princesscheeto


Cheeto is no simple black and white cat. She is a model—complete with props, digital illustrations, and solid-coloured backgrounds. All her Instagram photos are ready to be printed into a coffee table book and we’d buy it. 


7. @rinne172

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There are owners who dress up their pets and then there’s Maro’s owner who turned him into a cosplay cat. Most of the photo features Maro sitting at a table in a costume that matches the food spread or cuisine in front of him. And he’s always looking right at the camera (“Can I eat now?”). 


8. @cats_of_instagram


For a mix of every cat on Instagram, photos and videos, this account can supply you with a huge dose of feline love. 


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