Babe: Malaysia’s first restaurant by a Michelin-starred chef

A combination of art and science in food


By Buro247

Babe: Malaysia’s first restaurant by a Michelin-starred chef

Helmed by Jeff Ramsey, the first and only American chef to date to receive a Michelin star outside of the United States, Babe will be serving Japanese-accented tapas with a playful twist, or as Ramsey puts it, “Japas”. An exciting addition to Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant dining scene, Babe will draw upon Ramsey’s rich experience in Japanese cuisine, haute cuisine and his artful finesse for progressive modernist cuisine, which is based on the principle of producing outstanding food that is delectable, technically mastered and aesthetically pleasing. 

Chef Ramsey's interpretation of a miso soup

Diners can expect an outstanding mix of flavours, textures and temperatures on the menu that will deliver an unparalleled multi-sensory dining experience. Combining Asian cooking methods with robust flavours from the finest ingredients and using technology and food science, diners will be intrigued by the novelty and creativity of the dishes that will be served at Babe. 


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