Another delicious collaboration: Buro 24/7 Malaysia x Ruyi & Lyn

Cocktail hour


By Su Fen Tan

Another delicious collaboration: Buro 24/7 Malaysia x Ruyi & Lyn

An all-encompassing establishment located in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Ruyi & Lyn brings together great food and entertainment under one roof. More than just a restaurant, the bold, eclectic setting of the establishment primes it for an elevated dining experience during the day, and a sophisticated club lounge later in the night. Ruyi & Lyn features a vast selection of authentic regional dishes with a contemporary twist. A must try? The signature Ruyi’s Sushi dish—a sushi compilation of local favourites including Nasi Lemak and Hainanese Chicken Rice. Don’t let the tiny rolls fool you, they may be mini but they are packed with flavours.


In light of the party season, we are delighted to introduce the exclusive Buro 24/7 cocktail, made especially for us by the good folks at Ruyi & Lyn. A refreshing mix of gin and martini, with a splash of apple and lemon juice, the Buro 24/7 cocktail makes the perfect choice for a drink, any time of day. 


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