Alexander Wang designs Evian’s latest limited edition bottle

Reflection of purity


By Buro247

Alexander Wang designs Evian’s latest limited edition bottle

Evian’s interest in the creative vision of fashion designers have been demonstrated over the years through collaborations with a number of high profile designers such as Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Paul Smith, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix. The timing of the collaboration with Alexander Wang could not be more apt as the fashion designer is celebrating his 10th year of success this year. Wang has always been open to exploring design in other areas besides fashion and has previously done furniture and tech-related collaborations but this marks his first pursuit into product design for a beverage, and he does not intend for it to be the last. 


Wang’s design on the bottle features his signature barcode logo that has been displayed in different ways throughout different collections and seasons. Inspired by the purity of Evian water, Wang has kept the design clean, simple and, at the same time, it interacts with the dynamic reflections of water as a natural element. On creating two bottle designs, one white and the other black, Wang says, “I often work in oppositions, and by blending the lines between them. My collections play with the duality between refinement and the imperfect, something classic tweaked in a modern way; something masculine juxtaposed by something feminine, something demure inserted with something provocative. Duality forms a friction that creates room for something new to develop, or to allow people to see it from a different perspective. We wanted to continue this iteration of contrasts with the design of a black and white version of the bottle.”



The Evian x Alexander Wang Limited Edition bottle will be available in 75cl glass bottles at selected premium supermarkets from November 2015 onwards.

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