2018 FIFA World Cup: The funniest reactions on social media


By Su Fen Tan

2018 FIFA World Cup: The funniest reactions on social media

This year’s World Cup has not been short of unexpected knockouts and eyebrow-raising theatrics—and netizens have been quick to react, coming up with some serious LOL-inducing memes. Here is a list of our favourites, in chronological order of events for a recap of the proceedings so far:


Pretty much accurate. But still, what a match—was #PORESP your favourite group match too?

Well, if it means getting your country’s first ever World Cup point.

The best team warm-up goes to…

Oh Maradona.

The football legend deserves another mention.

That time Batshuayi got a little too excited over his teammate’s goal.

Do you think Neymar is regretting his antics by now?

Ouch. It’s really too bad Germany couldn’t break the dreaded champion’s curse.

You better believe it. The brilliant Belgium side has sent five-time World Cup champions Brazil packing—internet trollers were quick to find Neymar a ride home.

Safe to say he won’t be hearing the end of it anytime soon.

It’s not Sweden’s year, but in case it’s really “coming home” (for England), we suppose Southgate could return the favour by contributing a little something to the Swede’s economy.

Croatia is through to the semi-finals! Could this really be the year of the underdogs? England has no doubt got a big hurdle ahead of them.

Of course, the inevitable Putin memes would come flooding in too.

Aaand France walks into the finals.

Well… that was that.

Us in front of the TV tonight.


Till the next game. Stay tuned for more updates!

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