Rolls-Royce in Geneva: Three Phantoms and a Dawn Aero Cowling

Rolls-Royce in Geneva: Three Phantoms and a Dawn Aero Cowling

‘Bespoke is Rolls-Royce’

Text: Rachel Au

The highlight is the introduction of the Dawn Aero Cowling with a transformed silhouette—oh and the first-ever rose gold Spirit of Ecstasy

The Geneva Motor Show is considered one of the major international auto shows. It's where new production cars and interesting concepts are unveiled. This year is no different. For Rolls-Royce, they brought three, very different, bespoke Phantoms (before it's delivered to the owners) and the very much transformed Dawn. The showcase of these four impressive vehicles were proof of Rolls-Royce's luxury status in the business of motor cars. 


The Gentleman's Tourer

The Phantom II Continental Saloons of the Thirties were highly regarded as the era of the grandest of Grand Tourers. These four-door standard wheelbase cars were driven by the owners themselves and they were long journeys too! Even the colours and interiors were made for driving endurance rather than just an artistic choice. This all appealed to the commissioner and thus, in that spirit, The Gentleman's Tourer was born. 

Highlights: A unique Iced Gunmetal exterior paint; the Cascade Steel Gallery finished in Ruthenium, a rare and precious metal from the Platinum group


Whispered Muse and A Moment in Time

Both are beautiful bespoke versions of the Phantom Extended Wheelbase. Both individually sport a completely one-off, artist-designed Gallery. 

Highlights of the Whispered Muse: Created by London-based designer Helen Amy Murray, the gallery features a reinterpreted drawing of the Spirit of Ecstasy—in rose gold, a first for the brand. In addition, the exterior of the car has a newly-developed crystal effect over the two-tone Selby Grey and Palais Nemaskar Dawn bespoke paint. 

Highlights of the A Moment in Time: The artist that created the commissioned Gallery for this model is none other than Claude Johnson and he too gave his interpretation of the Spirit of Ecstasy—one that mirrored the essence of the car in movement. It is complemented by the blue crystal effect on the exterior. 


Dawn Aero Cowling

Knowing that some clients prefer an enhanced flexibility when it comes to style and practicality, Rolls-Royce decided to transform the silhouette of the world's sexiest drophead coupé. The Dawn Aero Cowling is equipped with an extended carbon-fibre and aluminium tonneau cover to give the car the appearance of a two-seater. Let's just say the Dawn just got sexier. 


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