There are only 15 units of the new Mini Electric First Edition in Malaysia


By Ronn Tan

There are only 15 units of the new Mini Electric First Edition in Malaysia

Exclusivity is the name of the game and there’s a new all-electric three-door hatch that’s part of that very game. For the first time in Malaysia, Mini has introduced the exclusive Mini Electric First Edition. With only 15 units available in the country, the model is the automaker’s way of combining exclusivity with maximum driving excitement. Find out more about the vehicle below.

In addition to having a maximum speed of 150 kilometres per hour and the ability to achieve the century sprint in 7.3 seconds, the Mini Electric First Edition also has a driving range of up to 234 kilometres (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) or 270 kilometres (New European Driving Cycle).

Equipped with a front-axle electric engine that’s capable of 184 Horsepower, the Mini Electric First Edition also comprises of a 12-module T-shaped battery unit. This particular battery unit is blessed with a net capacity of 28.9 kilowatt-hours. Other important features include a single-speed transmission, single-pedal drive, and actuator contiguous wheel slip limiter (ARB) function.

Now that we’ve taken a powerful look at its performance, let’s move on to its exterior. Available in the exclusive Mini Yours Enigmatic Black, the Mini Electric First Edition is fitted with front blade and aero-optimised mirror caps in Energetic Yellow as well as a roof in black. There will also be Panorama Glass Roof.

Moreover, the Mini Electric First Edition—equipped with the Lights Package—comes with Matrix LED headlights, LED rear lights, First Edition Door Sill, and First Edition Side Scuttle. Fun fact: They bear the indication of the model’s exclusivity with “one of fifteen”.

As for the wheel, the variant comes with 17-inch wheels in the Mini Electric Power Spoke two-tone with run flat tyres. You will also notice a charging flap with an embossed E-badge at the rear of the vehicle.

Now, it’s time move inside and check out the interior. One of the most notable components is the 8.8-inch Mini Navigation System that features Teleservices, Remote Services, Intelligent Emergency Call, Mini Online, and Apple Carplay; as well as Head Up Display, 12-Speaker Harman Kardon Sound System, and wireless charging function for phones.

Furthermore, some aspects that are exclusive to the Mini Electric First Edition include the Mini Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Upholstery and Mini Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Steering Wheel. In addition, you will also find Leather Cross Punch seats in Carbon Black, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, and the Mini 12-Colour Illuminated ambient lighting in the model.

Of course, you will have to charge the electric vehicle. To go from zero to 80 per cent charge when recharging at a Direct Current charging station, the Mini Electric First Edition only requires approximately 36 minutes. If you’re charging at home with the yellow contingency charging cable, you only have to wait for 12 hours to achieve a 80 per cent charge.

The exclusive Mini Electric First Edition is priced at RM238,380.78. What are your thoughts on Mini’s newest addition to its portfolio of vehicles in Malaysia?

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