Make way for the grand entrance of the BMW 640i Gran Coupé

A marriage of sportiness and elegance

Make way for the grand entrance of the BMW 640i Gran Coupé
BMW Group Malaysia has finally introduced the BMW 640i Gran Coupé, their latest interpretation of the first four-door coupé in the history of the brand.

The new BMW 640i Gran Coupé is impressive in its exterior design, interior, and engine. The coupé is now more dynamic and sophisticated with the option to add a more sporty look to the car with the M Sport Package. 


The exterior design of the car is in-line with the M Sport expression, which emphasises precise lines and sleek contoured surfaces. This adds to the performance of the coupé and also keeps the design elegant. The underbody of the new coupé and its conspicuously flared wheels accents the wideness of the car, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but enhances fuel efficiency. 


The interior of the BMW 640i Gran Coupé lives up to the classy and sophisticated feel of BMW cars with an elegant black panel finish on the centre console. A noteworthy upgrade is the car’s “seatbelt parking” function, which reduces pull to ensure that the belt fits snugly onto the passenger and once unfastened, an electric motor will retract the from passengers’ seatbelt. Adding to the luxurious feel, the BMW 640i Gran Coupé is fitted with bicolour Nappa leather upholstery of Ivory White/Black or Cognac/Black.


The engine of the new BMW 640i Gran Coupé is created to be higher in performance and efficiency with a far more emotive sound. The 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line engine allows the sports coupé to sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.4 seconds while the new exhaust system with an adjustable flap provides a sporty sound when the coupé is set in Sport mode. This is good news for drivers who get the satisfaction of listening to the sweet revving tune of their car. 


The elegant sportiness of the BMW 640i Gran Coupé and its features that deliver excellent everyday usability definitely lives up to the alluring sheer driving experience of a BMW.


The estimated retail price of the new BMW 640i Gran Coupé is RM788,888.00.

Rachel Ong

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