Watch: These kids will make you feel guilty of your driving habits


By Rachel Au

Watch: These kids will make you feel guilty of your driving habits

Sometimes kids do actually know better. The ‘balik kampung’ season is upon us as we approach the Raya holidays this weekend. Whether you’re driving around the Klang Valley to attend ‘rumah buka’ gatherings or heading back to as far as Johor, there’s still a chance of getting into an accident if you don’t practise the most basic road safety rules.

A total of 6,740 road fatalities were registered in 2017, according to current Transport Minister Anthony Loke, while The Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research (MIROS) attributed reckless (and distracted) driving as well as ignorance of traffic rules as some of the main causes of accidents on the road. These include using mobile phones while driving, going over the speed limit and ignoring traffic lights, as well as neglecting to use the signal indicator. The smallest driving habits could make a huge difference and the kids know that better than us sometimes.

BMW Group Malaysia recently launched a PSA video series titled #SafetyStartsWithYou where children between the ages of 4 to 9 years old talk about basic etiquettes on the road and how their parents don’t always follow them. Directed by BMW Shorties Finalist Mallory Lee, the videos are no doubt cute but it also makes us take a step back and look at how we behave on the road. Are you guilty of the things these kids point out? Remember: It starts with you. Drive safe.

Watch the full series on BMW Malaysia’s YouTube channel.

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