Write your own fairy tale with Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Brothers Grimm

And so it was written: ‘Once upon a time…’


By Aria Nadkarni

Write your own fairy tale with Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Brothers Grimm

For over a hundred years now, Montblanc has been the epitome of luxury. Specialising in the fine craftsmanship of watches, writing instruments and other accessories, it is safe to say that this is a brand that values quality and truly timeless creations. Every item made is ‘touched with the maker’s soul’, and Montblanc aims for that story to continue on with you.

In their latest campaign, Montblanc has paid tribute to the tradition of writing and the transformative power of literature by honoring the contributions of the Brothers Grimm to the literary canon. Credited with popularising folk tales and making them broadly accessible, the Brothers Grimm are most well known for turning the tradition of oral-storytelling into written chronicles to be passed down from generation to generation—much like Montblanc’s mission to produce sophisticated writing instruments to carry on the legacy of storytelling. Most famously, the Brothers Grimm are responsible for the introduction of fables like that of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood into the common consciousness.

While the Brothers Grimm are most well known for their role in the urbanisation of folk tales, that isn’t their only contribution to the literary canon. Arguably their greatest undertaking, the brothers are directly responsible for the publication of the first German dictionary. Montblanc Writers Edition honors this heritage in every pen—engraved in each is a tribute which ties back to it, including the use of the fairy tales’ original German titles. The series includes four pens painstakingly designed to mimic the narrative twists and turns of four of the Brothers’ greatest stories: Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Snow White. All the pens have their own personality, and are completely original yet expressively related to the authors who are directly responsible for many of the stories which populated and added that touch of magic to our childhoods.

The Brothers Grimm’s work coincided with the Romantic era in literature; in the wake of this renewed interest in folk tales, the Brothers believed that they represented the purest level of cultural literature. Much like the Brothers’ interest in the legacy of literature, Mont Blanc’s latest collection pays homage to their contribution to literary culture. Though the pens are the collection’s primary feature, they’re not all that’s included in the collection. In the aesthetic of classical fairy tale books, a gracefully illustrated ‘G’ spans the cover of a calfskin leather notebook. With the Montblanc Emblem within, steel cufflinks and a leather bracelet similarly grace the collection, along with a richly coloured ink set in forest green.


Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition

Adorned with textured waves which mimic the flowing locks of Rapunzel’s hair, this pen is dark, mysterious and elegant. A black resin coat, platinum fittings and a spindle-like cone create a sinister atmosphere which draws back to the macabre tone of the original story. The circle surrounding the clip is decorated with the engraving “Göttinger Sieben”, a reference to the ring of seven intellectuals from Göttinger of which the Brothers were members of.


Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 1812

With a fountain-pen-esque tip and intricate engravings of brambles and leaves upon the vintage gold-coloured ruthenium coating, this homage to the tale of Sleeping Beauty is equally an ode to the Brothers’ admiration of the beauty of nature. No detail was missed when crafting this pen: the Montblanc Emblem, carved from mother-of-pearl, is surrounded by a scarlet lacquer, reminiscent of the sprawling roses which embrace the castle in the original fairy tale.


Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 86

The disquieting atmosphere of this tale is matched with the blackened ebony wood used to craft this pen, symbolising the mysterious forest and the charred wood used in burning the witch to death. Adorned in black and gold, the threatening yet hopeful tone of the fairy tale is captured perfectly, engravings of flames evoking the dramatic final moment of triumph for the characters. To add the icing onto the cake, the barrel features the famous lines in their original version: “Knuper knuper kneischen…Wer knupert an meinem Häuschen?” (“Nibble nibble like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house?”).


Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 8

Mirroring the delicate elegance of Snow White’s glass casket and the enchanting tale itself, this pen is as refined as it gets. With solid white gold inlays and a ribbon of diamonds to signify the seven dwarves’ mining, a rock crystal engraved with a drawing of Snow White as in the original art, and an inlay on the cap designed to look like a crystal ore, this is by far the most detailed pen of the four. These features are moreover shrouded in a bed of yellow gold ‘leaves’, and the nib is even engraved with Snow White’s apples alongside the characteristic flames to add that last bit of magic.

Head over to your nearest Montblanc Boutique to find out more about these limited edition pens and begin writing your own story.

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