Buro vs SEA Games 2017 athlete Gan Hua Wei in synchronised swimming

Buro vs SEA Games 2017 athlete Gan Hua Wei in synchronised swimming

Making a splash

Text: Rachel Au

Watch as we go against SEA Games 2017 athlete and Malaysian synchronised swimmer Gan Hua Wei in two mini water challenges

We're merely days away from the opening ceremony of the KL SEA Games 2017 but before that, the competiton for some of the sports has already begun! The synchronised swimming event, for example, starts tomorrow and eighteen-year-old Gan Hua Wei (who also goes by Stephanie) is one of the Malaysian athletes who will be competing in them; and one of the favourites to score a gold (and more). 


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While it's not her first Games, it will be her first time participating in both the solo and duet events. Fun fact: This is the first time that solo events will be part of the competition. On the other hand, her partner for the duet event is Malaysian Olympian Zylane Lee Yhing Hui who is the defending champion in said category. To get a better idea of how Gan was coming along for her training, we paid her a visit and challenged her to a contest in her field of expertise: The water. Watch the video below to see how Buro 24/7 Malaysia's Deputy Editor Gwen Ong fared at mimicking what Gan calls 'basic synchro moves'.  

The synchronised swimming events are happening from 17 till 20 August at National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil. You can get your tickets online, at the venue (booths open two hours before the event time) or download the KL2017 app to watch the live stream.


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