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CNY 2022: Where to order yee sang for dine-in, takeaway and delivery in the Klang Valley


By Natalie Khoo

CNY 2022: Where to order yee sang for dine-in, takeaway and delivery in the Klang Valley

It’s almost that time of the year when we bring out the long chopsticks and toss around a salad while shouting well wishes of good health, prosperity, and happiness with our loved ones. We’re referring to Chinese New Year reunions and the customary yee sang prosperity toss, of course.

Also known as ‘lou sang’ in Cantonese, this annual Malaysian Chinese tradition is inseparable from the season’s festivities to usher in blessings for the year ahead. While it’s the company you’re with that truly matters during this ritual, having a delicious, wholesome plate of condiments to indulge in after the tossing does make it all the more worth looking forward to.

On that note, we’ve put together a list of our recommended places to order yee sang for dine-in, takeaway and delivery in the Klang Valley.

1. Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Usher in the new year with a selection of meticulously prepared yee sang from Thirty8, including crispy fish skin, smoked salmon, and soft shell crab.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: 17 January to 15 February 2022Price: 

  • Crispy fish skin yee sang – RM198 (four to six persons) / RM258 (10 persons)
  • Smoked salmon yee sang – RM218 (four to six persons) / RM268 (10 persons)
  • Soft shell crab yee sang – RM228 (four to six persons) / RM288 (10 persons)

For reservations and enquiries, call +603 2203 9188, email [email protected] or visit

2. St Regis Kuala Lumpur

Abalone & Crispy Soft-Shell Crab Yee Sang

A staple of its festive menus every year, The St Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Prosperity Yee Sang recipe has been handed down from generation to generation in the hotel’s owning family, Puan Sri Sharon Chua’s ancestral kitchen. It’s made with a base of finely chopped and sliced fresh fruits and vegetables accompanied with assorted nuts, seeds, sauce, and seafood toppings of your choice. The secret of the recipe’s popularity, however, lies in an undisclosed final ingredient—you’ll have to taste it for a guess.

Availability: Dine-in at The Brasserie or the hotel’s private dining rooms | TakeawayDates: 5 January to 15 FebruaryPrice:

  • Abalone & Crispy Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang – RM268+ (M) | RM498+ (L)
  • Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang – RM168+ (M) | RM298+ (L)
  • Top Shell & Jelly Fish Yee Sang – RM168+ (M) | RM298+ (L)
  • Vegetarian Yee Sang – RM138+ (M) | RM228+ (L)

(Note: The M-sized Yee Sang serves up to 6 guests while the L-sized Yee Sang serves up to 10 guests)

To order, call +6012 280 1303 or email [email protected].

3. Yen, W Kuala Lumpur

If you’re searching for a unique platter to welcome new experiences this Year of the Tiger, try one of Yen’s eclectic creations. You’ll find relatively rare ingredients such as Korean Snow Pear, Air Dried Szechuan Fish Chips, and Crispy Lobster Meat to toss (depending on which platter you choose).

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | Delivery (W2GO)Dates: 2 January to 15 February 2022Price:

  • Premium Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Korean Snow Pear, Avocado Oil – RM128+ (half portion) | RM398+ (full portion)
  • Norwegian Salmon Fish Yee Sang, Air Dried Szechuan Fish Chips, Crispy Salted Egg Fish Skin – RM128+ (half portion) | RM238+ (full portion)
  • Qiandao Lake Angel Beads, Crispy Lobster Meat & Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang – RM198+ (half portion) | RM398+ (full portion)
  • Caviar, Gold Flakes, Truffles Oil, Abalone Yee Sang – RM268+ (half portion) | RM498+ (full portion)

To make an order, call +012 347 9088 or email [email protected].

4 Luk Yu Tea House, Shook! at The Starhill Dining

Toss to the Lunar New Year surrounded by Chinoiserie-inspired interiors at Luk Yu Tea House or bring home a taste of its carefully crafted yee sang platters.

Availability: Dine-in | TakeawayDates: 7 January to 15 FebruaryPrice:

  • Salmon Yee Sang Platter – RM138 (Regular) | RM118 (Small)
  • Jellyfish Yee Sang Platter – RM138 (Regular) | RM118 (Small)
  • Fresh Fruit Vegetarian Yee Sang Platter – RM118 (Regular) | RM98 (Small)

To order, WhatsApp +6018 632 8060 or email [email protected].

5. Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Take your pick from five different yee sang platters and toss away with your nearest and dearest at Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur or at the comfort of your own home.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: 2 January to 14 February 2022 (pre-book four hours in advance)Price:

  • Signature Yee Sang with Crispy Japan A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef – RM388 nett (standard portion)
  • Yee Sang with Tossed Peach Gum, Crispy Rice and Snow Crab Stick – RM138 nett (half portion) | RM268 nett (full portion)
  • Yee Sang with Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab and Crispy Fish Skin – RM138 nett (half portion) | RM268 nett (full portion)
  • Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang with Traditional Sauce – RM138 nett (half portion) | RM268 nett (full portion)
  • Yee Sang with Beyond Meat in Traditional Sauce – RM138 nett (half portion) | RM268 nett (full portion)

To order, call +603 2264 2264, email [email protected] or visit

6. Table and Apron

Welcome a year of abundance, prosperity, and vigour with Table and Apron’s 15-ingredient Yee Sang, which includes smoked salmon from its Augustine Smokery, fried yam, peanut crumbs, pomegranate, papaya, as well as a variety of vegetables topped with house-made plum sauce and cherry jam.

Availability: Dine-in | TakeawayDates: 12 January to 20 February (1-day advance notice is required)Price: RM122 for 5-7 persons

For the full menu, click here. To pre-order for takeaway, visit To pre-order for dine-in, WhatsApp +6018 3235 146. 

7. Yue, Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Sheraton Petaling Jaya’s Yue restaurant is gearing up to prepare a Shanghainese Lunar New Year celebration featuring fresh fruit and traditional yee sang platters for your reunion ‘lou sang’. Choose from four carefully crafted platters with optional add-ons for extra indulgence.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: 17 January onwardsPrice:

  • Fresh Fruit Yee Sang with Crispy Enoki – RM108 (small) | RM158 (large)
  • Fresh Fruit Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon and Black Truffles – RM128 (small) | RM238 (large)
  • Traditional Yee Sang with Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crab and Fish Roe – RM128 (small) | RM228 (large)
  • Traditional Yee Sang with Smoked Salmon – RM148 (small) | RM238 (large)

(Note: Small feeds five to six persons, large feeds up to 10 persons)

To make an order or view the full menu, click hereFor more information, call +603 7622 8888, WhatsApp 017 228 6098 or email [email protected].

8. Quan’s Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

To usher the Year of the Tiger, Quan’s Kitchen pays a special tribute to local street vendors along Jalan Panggung in Petaling Street with its Prosperity Golden Yee Sang—featuring its famed street-style BBQ Cuttlefish, Chili Soft Shell Crab, Crispy Fish Skin, and Golden Pineapple Sauce. Alternatively, there’s the Premium Prosperity Golden Yee Sang that arrives plated on anintricately designed CNY 2022 Peony Platter by Maya Singh of Cult Cowboy.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: 10 January to 10 FebruaryPrice:

  • Prosperity Golden Yee Sang – RM98+ (half portion for five persons) | RM158+ (full portion for 10 persons)
  • Premium Prosperity Golden Yee Sang – RM298+ (full portion for 10 persons)

To order, call +603 2035 7333 or WhatsApp +6012 507 3327, email [email protected] or click here.

9. Nook, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Indulge in your preferred option out of the “three-rific” yee sang platters from Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, with the highlight being the crunchy Shimmery Crystalline Ice Plant Yee Sang. Opt to top it off with salmon and/or abalone for extra abundance and happiness in the year ahead!

Special Tiger Yee Sang (available upon special request only)

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: February 2022 onwards (bookings must be made 48 hours in advance)Price:

  • Shimmery Crystalline Ice Plant Yee Sang – RM98 (regular) | Rm128 (large)
  • Bountiful Salmon Yee Sang – RM138 (regular) | RM198 (large)
  • Double Happiness Abalone & Salmon Yee Sang – RM268 (regular) | RM368 (large)

To order, call +03 2723 1154 or email kulal.b&[email protected].

10. Golden Phoenix, EQ

Be spoilt for choice at the Golden Phoenix pop-up restaurant at EQ, which boasts not one or two, but five types of yee sang platters. Each set is prepared for up to six persons, ranging from a vegetarian option to a premium abalone and caviar platter.

Availability: Dine-in | TakeawayDates: 7 January to 15 FebruaryPrice:

  • Vegetarian Korean snow pear – RM98
  • Salmon with snow swallow – RM108
  • Crispy fish skin and whitebait – RM118
  • Hokkaido scallop and ikura – RM188
  • Abalone with caviar – RM228

To order, call +603 2789 7839 or email [email protected].

11. The RuMa

Atas’ take on the traditional yee sang toss features a Malaysian twist with ingredients such as pucuk paku, betel leaf, and sweet plum tamarind dressing. To top it off, choose from either salmon, abalone, or a whole lobster to ring in a prosperous and bountiful year.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway | DeliveryDates: 14 January to 13 February 2022Price: 

  • Salmon Yee Sang – RM148+ per portion
  • Abalone Yee Sang – RM288+ per portion
  • Whole Lobster Yee Sang – RM488+ per portion

*Note: Each portion feeds eight persons 

For reservations and enquiries, please call +603 2778 0888 or email [email protected].

12. Latest, Recipe Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Lou hei with Latest Recipe’s strikingly photogenic tiger yee sang, featuring an assortment of fresh ingredients and condiments as well as your choice of salmon, sliced clam abalone, or fresh lobster.

Availability: Dine-in | TakeawayDates: 21 January to 15 February 2022Price: From RM200 nett

For reservations or more information, please call +603 2263 7888 or email [email protected].

13. The Living Room, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Head over to The Living Room at The Westin Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the Unity Yee Sang set, with two options to select from: Norwegian Fresh Salmon Yee Sang with Jelly Fish or Baby Abalone Yee Sang with Jelly Fish. Customers may also order add-ons such as Jelly Fish, Taiwanese Top Shell Abalone, and Sliced Two Head Abalone to complement their platters.

Availability: Dine-in | TakeawayDates: 21 January to 15 February 2022Price: From RM118 nett

For reservations or more information, please call +603 2773 8495, WhatsApp +6012 305 1715, or email [email protected].

14. Yukibana at Shook!

For a Japanese take on yee sang, Chef Machi has specially curated the Yukibana ゆきばな Yee Sang using the choicest ingredients, including Ikura, Hokkaido scallops, and snow crab meat topped with a homemade yuzu and red dragon fruit sauce.

Availability: Dine-in | Takeaway Price: RM188 for two persons

To order, WhatsApp +6018 929 8060 or email [email protected].

15. Vogue Lounge KL

The Vogue Golden Yee Sang from Vogue Lounge KL features fresh ingredients and seafood in a bamboo steamer basket, adorned with a pair of prosperity lion heads. Each order also comes with a box of golden chopsticks and koi fish nian gao for extra luck. The standard version includes salmon, ikura and tobiko—while the premium version co

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