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Cloud Bread: What is it and how to make your own—with only three ingredients


By Ronn Tan

Cloud Bread: What is it and how to make your own—with only three ingredients

Food trends might come and go—as seen with cereal pancakes and Dalgona coffee—but they always leave their respective legacies. The past few months have been unprecedented amid Covid-19 concerns and lockdowns; giving birth to increases in bread-baking and experimentations with food at home.

Like most food trends of the zeitgeist, the Cloud Bread’s popularity is facilitated by TikTok. Described as a healthier alternative to normal bread, Cloud Bread—made primarily of egg whites—tends to be lower in calories. Cloud Bread is fluffy and soft as well as resembles a cookie.

Similar to many other popular TikTok recipes, Cloud Bread (which currently has more than 1.1 billion views on TikTok) is really easy to make and you only need three ingredients. They are egg whites, cornstarch, and sugar. Yes, you don’t even have to knead!

One of the most-viewed Cloud Bread videos on the platform now has more than 20 million views and belongs to Abigail Hwang-Nable. Although she did not start the trend, her video played a major part in Cloud Bread’s rise to doughy fame.

What’s really fun about the Cloud Bread is that you can go crazy with your own concoction, adding colours and toppings. Here’s a suggestion: why not try making a Merdeka-inspired Cloud Bread?

So, how do you bake your own beautiful slice of Cloud Bread haven? Here’s a really simple recipe for you to try. Begin by separating three egg whites and whipping them up in a bowl. After that, proceed to add 10 grammes of cornstarch and 30 grammes of sugar in that same bowl. Make sure that you only do this after the mixture becomes frothy.

When your mixture is adequately thick, you can now put on a piece of baking paper before placing in an oven at about 150º Celsius. As for the shape of the baking sheet, choose one that you prefer. In less than 30 minutes, you will have your Cloud Bread!

The Cloud Bread trend is certainly fun. Depending on your creation, Cloud Breads can be really Instagrammable too. Apt for the moment, it’s something that will be here for awhile before giving way to fresher and newer trends. Go on and give the Cloud Bread recipe a go!

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