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#CheatDayEats: Cupcakes

Sweet little devils


By Su Fen Tan

#CheatDayEats: Cupcakes

Some may say that the heyday of cupcakes is long over, but for some, these fun-sized treats remain a dessert staple that is not going anywhere. This week, we round up some of the best places in town for a cupcake fix:


1. A Slice Of Heaven

The ‘little brother’ of Just Heavenly Cafe, A Slice Of Heaven finds its home in the humbler abode of a kiosk, but the desserts up for grabs are just as (pardon the pun) heavenly. For those who find the usual cupcakes too sweet for their liking, give the White Velvet a go—light and tangy, the delightful treat is made of lemon cake batter and topped with cream cheese frosting.


2. Wondermilk

A veteran in the local cupcake scene, Wondermilk has come a long way since its online establishment days. Find freshly baked cupcakes at their cafes, with flavours ranging from classic Blueberry Cheese to the signature Superainbow. We especially love their customisable cupcake collections, with pretty and charming designs that make them perfect for special occasions.


3. Twelve Cupcakes

A Singaporean brand established in 2011, Twelve Cupcakes’ sweet confections are freshly made-from-scratch with love each day. Cupcakes here are less sweet (in a good way), and strike the delicate balance between a moist interior and fluffy texture. As its name implies, there are 12 daily flavours, with monthly specials featuring a more creative twist to the usual suspects.


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