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#BuroEats: 4 New places to get your ice desserts fix in KL

They're pretty cool


By Rachel Au

#BuroEats: 4 New places to get your ice desserts fix in KL

Our inspiration these days come from the heatwave and as we’ve covered tips on how to keep your body cool and how to make flavoured ice cubes and how to make flavoured ice cubes, this time we’ve got our eyes on some of the latest icy dessert shops to open in town. 


1. Japanese green tea desserts at Tsujiri Malaysia, Damansara Utama

tsujiri malaysia damansara uptown

Tsujiri is one of the best green tea brands in Japan, having built its name since 1860 and in the prefecture famous for tea culture—Kyoto. And now you don’t have to travel so far to get a true and rich taste of matcha desserts. From the traditional tea itself to soft serves to shaved ice bowls to ice blended drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


2. Korean bingsu at Beans N Beans, Damansara Uptown

beans n beans bingsu uptown

The newest kid on the block is part of a franchise and promises to serve bingsu like no other in town. For starters, they have two signature flavours: the Green Tea Bingsu and the Chocolate Bingsu. And with good reason as the shaved ice are made using either real green tea that is imported from Jeju or real chocolate. Also, if you prefer a more milky and dense texture to a snow-like one, then this is your bowl of bingsu


3. Ice cream at Melt’On Ice Cream, SS15 Subang

melt on ice cream ss15 subang jaya

Here’s the best place to get a taste of true adult pleasure—ice cream meets alcohol. From bourbon to Baileys to gin to tequila, Melt’On has easily hooked on to many people’s interests with their selection of alcoholic ice cream. Of course, they also serve the non-liquor types. The texture of the ice cream is smooth and as they’re made without eggs, it has a cleaner, frozen taste compared to the average dense types. 


4. Mango sticky rice parfait at Greyhound Cafe, Bukit Bintang

greyhound cafe malaysia mango sticky rice

Bangkok’s popular F&B cafe has arrived in Malaysia and one of the things you definitely have to try is their slightly altered version of the traditional Thai mango sticky rice. Served in a dainty cup with sticky rice, a sufficient amount of mango slices and topped with a scoop of coconut sorbet, the combination of tastes is just right. 


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