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5 Malaysian Instabakers you should follow now

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By Buro247

5 Malaysian Instabakers you should follow now

As if that’s not bad enough, we’ve compiled 5 local bakers whose Instagram feed will make you crave for cake every hour of the day. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, it is impossible to deny these bakers’ glorious creations.


1. Le Chouette Macaron

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Follow Wahdi Farhad, a baker trained in Paris and based in Subang, on his baking adventures. He is not only a great baker but he has a flair for design and art too. The adorable owl that represents his brand was hand drawn by Wahdi himself. Wahdi specialises in building gorgeous macaron towers, either on its own or as a cake topper. His creativity is apparent in all his cakes as he customises each cake to the occasion, from Hello Kitty to Minions, nothing is impossible to turn into a macaron for Wahdi.


2. Shaun Teo Creations

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Shaun Teo is a self-taught cake decorator based in Kuala Lumpur. His cakes are elegant, classy, and (we have to say) looks too pretty to eat! Shaun’s cakes usually come in soft pastel colors that suit every occasion. The floral theme that he uses to decorate his cakes makes each cake look like a perfectly assembled bouquet. Looking at his feed, it is amazing to think that he actually taught himself to decorate like this — this must be talent at its finest.


3. The Kitchen Guardian

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Formerly in the legal profession, Yani Othman has now dedicated her life to baking amazing cakes and pastries. Generous with her knowledge, Yani offers classes on her recipes and piping techniques to fellow bakers. Her Instagram feed chronicles her travels and life with kids, but the highlight is still her cakes. Her cakes and desserts may seem simple compared to the others on this list but it doesn’t make our mouth water any less.


4. The Ship Patisserie

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Jet from The Ship Patisserie plays around with the different ways to design a macaron. From quirky boobies macarons to the outright confusing siew mai macarons, Jet’s macarons are definitely a work of art in itself. The Ship Patisserie’s feed is definitely worth following just because each photo is meticulously prepared to match the beautiful macarons baked and designed by Jet himself. 


5. Frost & Flourish

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Frost & Flourish, run by home-based baker Sophia Foo, delivers cakes to trendy cafes such ah The Good Batch and VCR. We love her Instagram feed because her creations look so decadent yet delightful that it’s hard to hold yourself back from attempting to lick your phone screen. Somehow, her chocolate/caramel drizzle on everything literally makes us drool. How can brown on brown look so good? Apparently, Sophia has mastered the art of that. To balance it out, her floral and fruit cakes are equally as beautiful and remind us of summer and happy days. 

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