Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL

Over the moon

Text: Natalie Khoo

Image: Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur
Image: Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

Ahead, discover the ultimate guide to the most covetable mooncake bags, boxes, and trunks for gifting this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

With the annual Mid-Autumn Festival approaching this 10 September, some are already looking forward to indulging in the season’s synonymous treat: mooncakes. Year after year, brands are becoming more creative with their mooncake boxes and packaging, and this year is no different.

If you’re unsure where to look, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a guide to the most covetable mooncake boxes that have caught our eye for your personal keepsake or gifting pleasure. (Note: You’ll want to bookmark this page as we’ll be adding to this list as we discover more exciting renditions worth mentioning in the lead-up to the Festival!) Without further ado, take a look at our top picks below:

1. Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur X Jimmy Choo Mooncake collection

To make this year’s celebrations extra special, Four Seasons KL has partnered with renowned designer Jimmy Choo to design a unique mooncake gift box embodying the symbolism of the festival. Arriving in joyful pink and elegant lavender hues, the custom gift box features a round totem design with a peacock origami pattern—reflecting the traditional Chinese custom of a family admiring the full moon while enjoying delicious mooncakes together. Inside, each of the four individual box covers boast an iconic shoe by the designer, complemented by festive symbols.


  • Traditional Baked Mooncake set – RM488
  • Snowskin Mooncake set – RM588

Availability: From July 2022 onwards

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2. The House of Shi Wu by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur X Melinda Looi

Grand Hyatt KL welcomes you to discover the “House of Shi Wu” this Mooncake Festival—an intricate wooden structure of a miniature house that serves as a multipurpose box after you’ve treated yourself to what’s inside. Created in collaboration with famed local designer Melinda Looi, the “house” encases four classic mooncakes, in addition to premium teas, fortune cookies, candies, a mini mooncake keychain, a paper lantern, a colourful shuttlecock, a scented candle, and a limited edition designer scarf. As a bonus, the set is accompanied by a functional canvas bag that’s great for grocery shopping or every day use. View the full brochure here.

Price: RM328 nett (early bird price: RM288 nett, while stocks last)

Availability: From July onwards, while stocks last (collection/delivery from 15 August 2022)

For enquiries and bulk purchases, contact [email protected].

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3. Mid-Autumn Moonrise by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Reflecting the festival’s values of reunion and longevity, Hilton Kuala Lumpur presents a mooncake box made from sustainable bamboo materials to symbolise the strong family bonds that are renewed under the full moon. Titled ‘Mid Autumn Moonrise’, the gift box draws inspiration from moon-gate structures in Chinese tea gardens and features the Hilton logo on a steel plate with a lid adorned in velvet. Encased within are four mooncakes of your choice, along with two porcelain dishes to complement the treats.

Price: Moonrise Premium Box with traditional baked mooncakes – RM288 | Moonrise Premium Box with snowskin mooncakes – RM308

Availability: From 1 July to 10 September 2022

For more information or enquiries, call +603 2264 2264 or email [email protected].

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4. Moonlit Fever by W Kuala Lumpur

For a modern gift box that doubles as a chic bag, look no further than W KL’s retro-inspired Moonlit Fever Mooncake Collection. The collection consists of two bold colours: Emerald Green and Sunrise Orange. Each box holds four mooncakes that are encased in individual boxes with vibrant, trippy motifs. There’s also a special Moonlit Fever Mixology Kit that comes with two mooncakes, two miniature Grey Goose bottles, cocktail ingredients, and simple bar tools for you to create a DIY cocktail to pair with your mooncake. On the other hand, the Moonlit Fever Gift Set includes two mooncakes, two premium tea bags, and an assortment of candies and chocolate. View the full brochure here.


  • Moonlit Fever Mooncake Box – RM238 nett per box
  • Moonlit Fever Mixology Kit – RM268 nett per box
  • Moonlit Fever Gift Box – RM268 nett per box

Availability: Pre-order from 1 July to 15 August for collection beginning 20 August; mooncake sale starts from 15 August until 10 September 2022 at W Kuala Lumpur and at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Mid-Autumn Festival showcase from 23 August until 11 September 2022. 

For more information or enquiries, contact +60123574788 or [email protected].

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5. Mooncake Trunks by The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 12)

For this year’s edition of its annual mooncake trunks, The St Regis KL looked to its rich polo history for inspiration. Meticulously crafted to exacting standards, each trunk features a bright orange leatherette with fine stitching and brushed metal hardware, representing a saddle. Choose from the Classic Mooncake trunk, which houses either four or eight pieces of mooncake, or the Super Mooncake trunk, consisting of one giant 6.5-inch mooncake with eight yolks.


  • Classic Mooncake Trunk (four pieces): RM252.83
  • Classic Mooncake Trunk (eight pieces): RM366.03
  • Super Mooncake Trunk: RM375.47

Availability: Pre-order Classic Mooncake Trunk now for deliveries and self-pickup beginning 13 July until 10 September 2022 | Pre-order Super Mooncake Trunk now for deliveries and self-pickup beginning 31 July until 10 September 2022

For more information and enquiries, call +603 2727 6696, WhatsApp +6012 280 1303, or email [email protected]

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6. Premium Bamboo Box by Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 13)

If you’re of the opinion that simple is best, check out Mandarin Oriental KL’s understated yet elegant mooncake box. Made from eco-friendly bamboo wrapped in red silk, each Premium Bamboo Box consists of six mooncakes that are individually packed in red and gold floral motif boxes. The baked mooncakes are halal-certified and handcrafted by the award-winning Lai Po Heen, promising an indulgence as delicious as their exterior packaging. View the full brochure here.

Price: From RM38 to 68 per mooncake (every purchase of six mooncakes will come with the bamboo box)

Availability: From 1 July to 10 September 2022 at the hotel lobby (10am to 9pm daily) or online

For enquiries or to place an order, please email [email protected].

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7. Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Sofitel KL Damansara introduces two enchanting gift sets this year, namely the Copper Treasure set and the Galaxy Series. The former features copper tones that represent prosperity and longevity, whereas the latter evokes the celestial celebration of the moon with its starry design, highlighted by a constellation in the shape of the mythical Jade Rabbit. Both sets house four mooncakes handcrafted by the hotel’s Chinese Chef, Low Kin Fung, available in a variety of flavours including baked skin and snow skin.


  • Classic Copper Treasure – RM157 nett
  • Galaxy Series – RM252 nett

Availability: Now until 10 September

For orders, please call 03 2720 6608 or email to [email protected].

8. Lavy X 1664 Blanc

Lavy is a new online gifting company launched by Venice Min, created to provide a premium gifting experience for different occasions. For its first gift in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lavy has collaborated with 1664 Blanc to offer two specially crafted beer-infused mooncakes inspired and complemented by the 1664 Blanc and Rose. The mooncakes and beer bottles arrive in a navy blue box adorned with an abstract silk scarf, which can be reused to store jewellery or other personal items.

Price: RM165 per box | Buy two boxes and above to enjoy free delivery

Availability: Pre-order starts 25 July onwards (shipping starts from the first week of August)

For more information and updates, follow on Instagram. For bulk orders and special requests, call 013 761 8185.

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9. Over the Moon by Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 18)

This Mooncake Festival, Shang Palace wants you to be Over the Moon with its specially curated mooncake collection. Every purchase of four traditional baked mooncakes will come packed in the Deluxe Gift Box that is available for delivery and take-away. There’s also a DIY mooncake gift box designed for children, which features nine custard mooncakes presented in a box made for colour painting, along with two types of mooncakes moulds, nine pieces of trays, mooncake skin and filling, and a set of cooking instructions. On the other hand, Chef Terence Foong has created an elegant Master Chef Gift Box consisting of eight Premium White Lotus Baked Mooncake with 10-year-old Korean Red Ginseng and Sabah Bird's Nest.


  • RM37 per individual mooncake (buy four pieces to get Deluxe Gift Box or eight pieces to get Treasure Gift Box)
  • Shangri-La DIY Mooncake Box – RM255 nett
  • Master Chef Gift Box – RM425 nett

Availability: 25 July to 10 September 2022

For orders and enquiries, call 603 2074 3560, WhatsApp +6019 390 2257, or email [email protected].

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10. Moonlight Garden by Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 19)

Instead of another mooncake box for keepsakes, Jade Pavilion presents a unique Moonlight Garden box that doubles as a rechargeable tableside lantern. Designed to evoke the restaurant’s interior design concept of ancient imperial gardens, the mooncake box features an exterior made of paper cut-out scenes from a moonlit garden over a translucent sheet, illuminated by a battery-operated light from within. Each box fits four medium-sized mooncakes (160g each) of your choice out of the six flavours available.

Price: RM268 nett per box

Availability: Pre-order now for self-collection/delivery from 15 August to 11 September 2022

For orders, please WhatsApp/call +6012 611 3772 or email [email protected].

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11. Moonlight City by Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

For a modern, one-of-a-kind mooncake box, look no further than Bake by Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. Cue the hotel’s iridescent Moonlight City mooncake box, crafted to reflect the magnificent mid-autumn moon glowing over the iconic cityscapes of KL. Housed within are six mooncakes (110g each), with three unique flavours to choose from, namely Coffee Caramel Walnut, Green Tea Red Bean, and the classic Lotus Paste.

Price: RM352nett per box

Availability: Pre-order now for delivery and self-collection from 15 August until 11 September 2022

For orders, please WhatsApp/call +6012 288 2135 or email [email protected].

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12. Opulent Elegance and Pure Blossoms by Le Meridien Petaling Jaya

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 21)

After opening its doors on 1st June, Le Meridien Petaling Jaya is proud to make its first appearance for the Mid-Autumn season with two exclusive luxury mooncake boxes: Pure Blossom and Opulent Elegance. The former is wrapped in textured burnt orange leather with a timeless appeal, whereas the latter is adorned with beautiful blooms that embody a graceful elegance. Both boxes can hold four individually packed mooncakes, featuring the signature Longan Wolfberries with Single Yolk White Lotus.

Price: RM188 per box | Early bird discount of 30 per cent off applies for orders made in July

Availability: From July onwards

For orders, please WhatsApp/call 012 390 9949. For more information, call +603 7682 0000 or visit

13. The RuMa X Fern Batik

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 22)

Looking for a mooncake box with a uniquely Malaysian design? The RuMa and Fern Batik have teamed up to craft the ideal gift for the season, weaving in our country’s unique batik heritage! Instead of a traditional box, the hotel’s limited-edition mooncakes are encased within handcrafted bamboo baskets that are wrapped in a vibrant batik cloth bag. The one-of-a-kind bags are available in two vibrant colourways, housing either two or four mooncakes.

Price: RM188 per box of two pieces | RM258 per box of four pieces

Availability: From 15 July to 10 September 2022

For orders and enquiries, contact +603 2778 0751 or email [email protected].

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14. Luxuriant Luminescence by Lady Yi's Tea House

Lady Yi’s Tea House presents two exquisite mooncake boxes this year, both inspired by a painting by renowned local artist Lisa Wong, titled Abundance. The painting features a leaping Jade Rabbit, the noble character said to be living on the moon with Chang-e in Chinese folklore. Both the Luxuriant Jewellery Box and Abundance Box come in an elegant jade colour, with the former exclusively featuring a mirror encased within. Each box houses four classic mooncakes, and possibly a Jade Ticket (placed in random boxes) which can be redeemed for a complimentary staycation and other F&B offers—perfect for gifting!


  • Luxuriant Jewellery Box: RM158+ per box of four mooncakes
  • Abundance Box: RM118+ per box of four mooncakes

Availability: From July to September 2022

For orders or enquiries, call 03 20357333, WhatsApp 012 5073327 or email [email protected].

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15. Moon Shine series by Unbox by Huff and Puff

Homegrown curated gift shop Unbox by Huff and Puff is back with another Mid-Autumn Festival collection and this time, it’s all about vintage carriers. Dubbed the Moon Shine series, the collection consists of three unique designs, including a classic brown faux leather purse (Moon-dezvous), a bright yellow faux leather case (Moonlight Bloom), and a two-tiered red and brown wooden treasure box (Moonlight Bijoux). All three gifts come with four baked mooncake flavours, with the optional add-on of a customisable engraved wooden tag with a message card that will be attached to the carrier with an Oriental knot.


  • Moonlight Bijoux: RM218
  • Moonlight Bloom: RM168
  • Moon-dezvous: RM138
  • Personalised wooden tag (optional add-on): RM10

Availability: Pre-order starts now for delivery in August (delivery charges cost RM15, only for peninsular Malaysia)

For orders and enquiries, call 017 4779007.

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16. Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Your ultimate guide to the prettiest mooncake boxes in KL (фото 28)

This year, Sheraton Petaling Jaya presents three exquisitely handcrafted mooncake boxes inspired by traditional Chinese design elements: Peony Jade, Lilac Blossom, and Premium Turquiose. Crafted with sustainability in mind, the boxes are thoughtfully made to be reused to store personal ornaments or displayed as a decor item. Further, the Premium Turquoise box is sustainably made from vegan leather and can be repurposed into a jewellery box lasting years after the mooncake season is over. 

Early bird price (while stocks last):

  • Peony Jade: RM126 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM148 nett (snow skin mooncakes)
  • Lilac Blossom: RM126 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM148 nett (snow skin mooncakes)
  • Premium Turquiose: RM143 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM168 nett (snow skin mooncakes)

Normal price:

  • Peony Jade: RM148 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM168 nett (snow skin mooncakes)
  • Lilac Blossom: RM148 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM168 nett (snow skin mooncakes)
  • Premium Turquiose: RM168 nett (baked mooncakes) | RM188 nett (snow skin mooncakes)

Availability: 8 July to 10 September 2022

For enquiries, contact 03 7622 8888, 017 228 6098 or email [email protected]

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