Buro Tries: The Chef's Kitchen Experience at Pangkor Laut Resort

More than just the basics

Text: Rachel Au

When you're on a beautiful island like Pangkor Laut Resort, there's more to do than just spa treatments and lazing by the beach—give The Chef's Kitchen Experience a try too!

Hell's Kitchen may look daunting but The Chef's Kitchen Experience at Pangkor Laut Resort is completely friendly, be it for beginners or seasoned home cooks. It's not your average cooking class either but rather a true gastronomical journey. Together with the executive chef, you start off with a visit to neighbouring Pangkor Island's dried seafood markets, noodle maker and floating fish farm. Then, it's back to the resort with your catch of the day and some food souvenirs. But it's not over yet. Next is the cooking class session where the chef will share some of his/her culinary secrets as you whip up your lunch for the day. With an extensive (and delicious!) itinerary like that, it'd be hard to resist so we decided to give it a go for our Buro Tries episode. Watch the video above and we dare you not to salivate.  

For more info about Pangkor Laut Resort, visit their website.