Michelle Yeoh is one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood. Here’s proof


By Buro247

Michelle Yeoh is one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood. Here’s proof

With filmography that includes James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Star Trek: Discovery, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s acting (and action) chops speak for itself, and she continues to make us proud on the international stage. Her portrayal of Eleanor Young in Crazy Rich Asians, in particular, has garnered much praise, and with three more movies slated to be released this year, the star is showing no signs of slowing down.

Her acting skills aside, we’re shining the limelight on something else that is equally praise-worthy: her immaculate style. Be it a red carpet event, at the airport or joining her husband, FIA president Jean Todt at the Formula 1 pit, you can count on Michelle Yeoh to look put together in any get-up. A scroll through the gallery below and you’ll notice the actress usually opt for streamlined silhouettes on the red carpet, but on her days off, she loves to finish off her laidback outfits with accessories. Our favourite among all, is the metallic pantsuit she wore during the Crazy Rich Asians press tour—it’s as trendy as Eleanor Young’s tailored ensemble in the memorable mahjong scene.


Below, Michelle Yeoh’s best looks over the years:

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