Meet the faces behind Diet Prada in Salvatore Ferragamo’s witty short film


By Stephanie Boey

Meet the faces behind Diet Prada in Salvatore Ferragamo’s witty short film

The fashion phenomenon known as Diet Prada started out as a completely anonymous Instagram account. The mysterious individual behind the all-knowing fashion history oracle was the internet’s biggest secret. Who was behind these savage meme-callouts? Multiple anonymous interviews were given, most notably to i-D where we found out that the brains behind the fast-growing account was manned by not one, but two people.

In October 2017, The Fashion Law revealed the faces behind Diet Prada: Tony Liu and and Lindsey Schuyler, two friends living in the New York City. Combined, the team of two bring a fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a discerning eye for fashion. Their first post Instagram post was published in 2014 and reached 1,000 followers only two years later. As of 2018, the account now boasts a following of 1 million and the highly coveted blue tick.

This year, the Diet Prada duo are taking a more public approach and star in Salvatore Ferragamo’s short film revealing the new iconic monogram, The Gancini. Directed by fellow online sensation, Bryanboy, the film also stars other familiar faces such as Tamu McPherson and Susie Lau. The witty short film revolves around a group of the Instagram famous and lets you in on a day in ~The Life of an Influencer~. Pleasantly tongue-in-cheek and self-referential, Bryanboy plays on irony including scenes of the cast refusing to pay for merchandise in store, photoshopping images and climbing up balconies just to get the right angle for a photo.

In one scene, Pelayo Diaz quizzes the duo on their identities. True to their covert nature and quick wit, Lindsey replies, “It’s none of your business”. Okurrrr!

Watch the scene below:


For the full film, click here.

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