10 Times Lenny Kravitz challenged gender roles with fashion


By Stephanie Boey

10 Times Lenny Kravitz challenged gender roles with fashion

Jokes aside, and apart from his successful music career, Lenny Kravitz is indeed a fashion icon in his own right. His laid-back demeanour, playful attitude and casual vibe is visibly seen with his fashion choices. Known to be a rock and roll music star, his eclectic choices fleet from fitted leather pants, heavy jewellery and a chest-baring vest, to a more relaxed one, which involves flared bell-bottom jeans and a floral shirt.

Both are very differing aesthetics, but that’s what makes his style so intriguing. But also, we love how he pushes the envelope with choices that challenge heteronormative gender norms. Hot pink trousers? Yeah, why not! A fitted paisley print? Sure!

With news of London Fashion Week going gender-neutral, and brands following suit, not to mention influential superstars like Timothèe Chalamet and Harry Styles, who also have the same gender-blurring outlook on fashion, we thought it apt to pay homage to the icon that was ahead of the curve.

Below, we recount his best looks on Instagram, which also happen to break conventional societal norms.

1) Breaking the stigma that florals are strictly feminine

2) Real men wear pink (or whatever colour they please!)

3) When it comes to cleavage, why should women have all the fun

4) It takes true character to pull off lilac trousers with a fitted paisley print

5) Lenny dazzles in a see-through gold poncho

6) A printed shirt tied at the waist makes the perfect holiday look

7) Lenny likes to stand out in glitter and bling

8) Mr. Kravitz is out on the prowl in animal print

9) The finishing touch to this ’70s inspired look—a printed scarf

10) Lenny Kravitz knows how to pair his jewellery, gold and turquoise make killer combo

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