For the groom: Little extras to make your wedding look that bit more special


By Joan Kong

For the groom: Little extras to make your wedding look that bit more special

When it comes to weddings, bridal attire is often considered the main event of the celebration, but let’s not forget: the groom’s look is not any less important—men can stand out in their classic black tuxedos too. All they need to do is to showcase their personal style with details that might be small but pack a punch. From cufflinks to pocket squares and bowties, we’ve curated an array of accessories that will suit any style, and the best part? They can be personalised according to different themes. If you’d like to stick to the traditional black suit with a crisp white shirt for your wedding, here are some easy ways you can jazz up your suave look.


Bow ties

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This classic accessory was first found in the Prussian Wars during the 17th century, but over the years, more and more men are opting for neckties, and we aim to change that. While we’re all for making a statement on your big day, when it comes to bow ties, you can never go wrong with black and white hues. Our three selections below are all pre-tied to make things more convenient for your big day, but instead of a plain silk piece, opt for bow ties in different materials such as a velvet one from Hugo Boss, or a thin version with specks of glitter (à la Saint Laurent‘s) for a more modern finish.



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On the other hand, neck ties have become one of the wardrobe essentials for men. The best pieces can stand the test of time, not to mention trends too. Instead of a plain coloured piece, the three printed options from Hermès, Ermenegildo Zegna and Prada add that slightly playful flair to a formal black tux. If you’re wondering what tie widths should you wear, there are a few things to consider. The broader you are, the wider your ties should be. Aside from that, you should always match the width of your tie to the lapel of your suit.


Pocket squares

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Did you know that pocket squares were first used during the Antiquity (the 1400s) by the upper class society? Made from silk and embroidered, the accessory was usually scented with perfume by French nobles to mask the smell as there was a lack of bathing facilities at that time. Fast forward centuries later, while pocket squares may have taken a backseat, you can count on the silk squares to add flair to your formal attire. The first tip is to avoid matching it to your tie. That being said, the hint of blue on your printed piece will complement a blue tie. Here, the rich navy hue helps to tone down Gucci‘s graphic prints, Versace‘s baroque print adds that bold and decadent appeal, and for something classic with a slight twist (thanks to the white lining), Tom Ford‘s silk square is perfect.



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Cufflinks may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’d like to accessorise, but as we mentioned earlier, they may be small, but they pack a punch. Aside from keeping your cuffs neat, they add that polish and charm to your overall look, and the best part? There are a wide selection of designs to choose from. Want a pop of colour to your black-and-white ensemble? The ones from Salvatore Ferragamo are a great pick. But for something more personalised (they’re great as gifts too), a monogram or a kitschy pair (football pitch cufflinks from Paul Smith for the football fanatic, maybe?) are the way to go.



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When it comes to men’s dress shoes, brogues and Oxford shoes have been a go-to for centuries. But instead of a fuss-free plain black pair, try opting for one with extra details when you’re shoe shopping for your wedding. Case in point: the Maison Margiela pair has an angular sole, take a closer look at the shoe from Berluti and you’ll notice the hints of blue in the mix, and if you’d like to take things one step further, a fully studded piece by Christian Louboutin lets you transition from your ceremony to the after party oh-so-smoothly.

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