For him: Levi’s new lineup of streetwear-inspired denim styles


By Stephanie Boey

For him: Levi’s new lineup of streetwear-inspired denim styles

Long before the worlds of streetwear and high fashion collided, the subculture was born in the Californian surf and skate scene. Fellow American denim makers Levi’s ride the wave by introducing new streetwear-inspired styles celebrating the sneaker culture with its maximum footwear visibility tapered cuts.

“Sneaker culture is a big influence on men’s style today. A lot of guys will pick their sneakers first and put their outfit together around their shoes. So, we designed jeans that work with your sneakers. They are tapered at the ankle and sit on the sneaker rather than flood over it” says Jonathan Cheung, Senior Vice President of Global Design.

The 501 Taper is an update on the iconic Levi’s 501, but with a tapered fit and features an oversized back patch and red tab for an added casual streetwear feel. Next up, the 512 Taper incorporates Levi’s 511 slim fit and rise with a narrower fit from knee to ankle. And for the boys who love to cuff ’em, the Hi-Ball Roll jeans are right up your alley which come pre-cuffed for maximum customisability in finding the perfect cropped length to show off those precious kicks.

{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Levi’s tapered jeans” rid=”6443″ order=”a_tstamp”}The new tapered collection by Levi’s is now available in stores.

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