BTS is the most well-dressed K-pop boy band rn. Here’s proof


By Joan Kong

BTS is the most well-dressed K-pop boy band rn. Here’s proof

K-pop boy band BTS is, without a doubt, the biggest groups in the music scene right now. Its Map of the Seoul: Persona album which was released back in April is the best-selling album in Korean history (with 3.2 million sales in less than one month). The EP also became the best-selling physical album in the USA in 2019, on top of making history by reaching the number one position in the UK and Australia. Let’s not forget the number of awards the group has racked up internationally. Their record-breaking achievements are definitely not one to be missed.

When it comes to their style, the seven-member group under Big Hit Entertainment has come a long way since its debut in 2013, where they often show up in ultra-coordinated outfits. Over the years, their styles have evolved, and while there are still matching elements in their ensemble, we love how each member adds their own flair to showcase their individual personality. V and RM, for example, usually opts for casual, pared down get-ups off-duty, but on the red carpet, they don’t shy away from prints or oversized silhouettes. The youngest of the group, Jungkook radiates a boyish flair with his outfits, but we love how he turned it up with a long coat at the Billboard Music Awards this year. As for J-Hope, whether it’s a denim-on-denim outfit or a suit vest, he always nails his outfits effortlessly. The same goes for Jimin, whose bright locks always steal the attention, along with his oh-so-cool style. Suga and Jin are two of the most laidback ones in the group, often spotted in classic yet put-together looks that are fail-proof.

Below, all of their outfits from the past year:

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