10 Local It-girls on the best fashion advice they’ve received from mummy dearest


By Joan Kong

10 Local It-girls on the best fashion advice they’ve received from mummy dearest

From our awkward teenage years to being a cool adult now (or so we’d like to think), our mums have been there through it all. So it’s only natural that she had some sort of influence on our personal style, from shaping our fashion sensibilities or the way we approach certain trends. Mama truly knows best, and there’s no one better than the woman who birthed and raised you to impart some wisdom on how to live your best life. As we celebrate the queen in our lives, we got in touch with these stylish local It-girls who dished on the one advice from mummy dearest that has stuck with them since.

“My mother has taught me to always buy pieces that I would like to own forever or things that can be shared with Evangeline and her. And even though we are often spotted in monochrome outfits, we love our bright colours and patterns.” — Cherrie Liong (@cherriemun)

“My mum always tells Cherrie and me, ‘You girls don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to look good.’ She has encouraged me to dress my best even when I’m not in the mood, because a good outfit is a great mood-lifter.” — Evangeline Liong (@evangelineyan)

“The colour of your shoes doesn’t have to match the colour of the rest of your outfit!” — Ally Mukhriz (@ally.mukhriz)

“Be confident and be proud of myself (and the way I look). It can be as simple as T-shirt and jeans, but with confidence, one can look exceptional too.” — Juwei Teoh (@juweiteoh)

“This is something I’ve observed ever since I was young: My mum has never left the house until she’s fully dressed-hair, makeup, everything. Is it something I follow suit? Not necessarily, but it has served me well. I put my best foot forward when the occasion rises and dress accordingly. It shows that you actually care and took the time to dress for the occasion.” — Amanda Chaang (@amandachaang)

“My mum would always tell me not to imitate or emulate a trend, just because. It’s better to wear something I’m comfortable in. Always.” —Aina Syahirah (@ainasyahirah)

“As harsh as it sounds, my mum always says money can’t buy class, and it’s true. Regardless of the occasion, looking polished and pulled together never fails.” — Nana Law (@nanabwincess)

“Be adventurous when it comes to fashion. It’s not wrong the wear something different, but most importantly the outfit has to make you feel comfortable.” — Yaya Zahir (@yayazahir)

“The best advice I’ve received from my mum? Don’t overdo it, and the lesser skin, the better. My mum works as a tailor so she sews a lot of blazers for my dad, and I would always steal them for my own—that’s how my obsession with the outerwear started.” — Rubini Sambanthan (@rubinirubi)

“The best advice that my mum has ever given me? Simplicity is key and keep it elegant for any and every occasion, be it on casual days or a night about town.” — Fyza Kadir (@fyzakadir30)

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