What does your favourite kuih raya say about you?


By Liyana Zamzuri

What does your favourite kuih raya say about you?

Hari Raya is upon us, which means it is finally time to sit back and binge on some decadent Raya cookies. With so many to choose from, your pick probably says more about you than you think. Now it is time for some cookie astrology—scroll on to unveil your personality based on your favourite kuih Raya!

Pineapple tart: Loyalist

You are the MVP, the crème de la crème of kuih Raya. Your generous spirit and down-to-earth nature make you the one that everyone gravitates to for advice, recommendations and all things in between. Soft on the outside and even sweeter on the inside, it is not hard to love you—perfectly understated. No wonder everyone is keen for your company during the festive season.

London almond: The ESFP

Individuals with ESFP (Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perception) love the spotlight. You are like the Elle Woods of cookies—you are unique and often the centre of attention, which makes this rich cookie the perfect match. Despite it all, only a number of people know the real you, beneath all those chocolate layers and almond toppings.

Semperit: Traditionalist

You are a bit of an old soul with a taste for nostalgia. You would rather cosy up with a book than go out for a hike. Your closet is probably stuffed with keepsakes from your childhood, but you don’t hold onto the past as you are all about making memories of today. Like this buttery cookie, your soft-hearted nature makes you a place of comfort for many.

Honey cornflakes: Optimist

You always bring a dash of honey to the party. You are not shy when it comes to telling people what you think and most definitely not afraid to stand up for yourself. Fuss-free and easygoing, you are always up for a good time with the people you love. Planning isn’t really your forte—you expertise lies in going with the flow and improvising as you go along.

Florentine: Trendsetter

Fancy isn’t even a good enough term to describe your personality. Just like the florentine, you are a mix bag of textures and fun colours. Pushing boundaries and taking risks is like second skin to you. Never short on creativity, you are constantly looking for ways to innovate—you actually create what you’ve saved on your Pinterest board. Talk about skills!

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