What goes on behind the scenes of running a successful event


By Gwen Ong

What goes on behind the scenes of running a successful event

Every successful event requires a bit of luck, a dash of creativity and a whole lot of planning to make it work. Of course, it helps when you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to put the plan into motion too. There are many steps to be taken in order to throw a memorable party but one important component is the end goal. Who else better to take us through the process of event planning than the man behind Bravo Events & Entertainment?

As the founder of Bravo, Cyrus Chin is the go-to man for events of all scale, budget and theme. Ain’t no mountain is high enough for Bravo—this company has bowled us over with its attention to detail and creativity through the years. You might have come across elaborate events set up by Cyrus and his Bravo team at the malls, hotels and more, including Chanel Coco Flash, YSL Beauty Hotel, The House of Jo Malone, Kiehl’s Nature Playground and even our very own #BuroTurnsThree. The events wizard took time off his busy schedule recently to school us on the art of planning and executing a memorable party:

Hi Cyrus! Tell us what do you do at Bravo.

As the owner of the company, I’m involved in the event management process from start to end. Most days, my tasks involve strategising as well as managing the processes and approvals on different projects – in essence, doing everything from A-Z.

What is the most memorable event you’ve planned this year?

I have to say it’s the Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary celebration that was held at Pavilion KL. That was a memorable event as I was glad to celebrate an iconic character, who was part of my childhood (and many others!) while growing up.

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What is the weirdest party request you’ve ever received?

There isn’t one that particularly stands out, thankfully! (Laughs)

Having organised so many large-scale events, name three things that are key to throwing a good party—and why.

I think the key is to be creative, resourceful and have a good eye for details. When you have these three elements, you can throw any party you want.

What are three mistakes people often make when it comes to throwing their own party?

I think it would be misinterpreting the theme and coming up with a décor that is not relevant. On top of that, people also tend to work with an unrealistic budget and do things at the last minute—all recipes for failure.

Can you share a step-by-step party-planning checklist for our readers who would like to throw a party but don’t know where or when to start?

Firstly, set a theme to ensure that everything else will follow from there. After that, get the important details out of the way e.g. base your event planning on the number of guests and a venue that will suit the crowd. Next, it would be looking into the décor and getting items such as a cake to match to the theme.

Photo booths are always fun. But what’s currently a popular trend when it comes to hosting parties?

Yes, photo booths have been a hit for a while now and will continue to be. Piñatas are currently a hit at kids’ parties right now.

What about music? Are there tips on making a great event soundtrack?

This is pretty subjective and it really depends on the crowd and theme of the party. I suggest a really good Spotify list with 100 songs of different genres—that will do the trick.

How should our readers plan the food and drinks menu to make it more enjoyable?

I think matching the food to the theme always helps. Whenever we run events for our clients, we always make sure to customise the food. Canapés are a good idea as people tend to eat less nowadays and prefer a variety!

Any other party planning tips you’d like to share?

  • Always have a theme to keep everything coordinated
  • Be realistic about your timeline and budget
  • Have a lot of fun and passion doing it. Your event will turn out perfect because it was crafted with love!

To find out more about Bravo Events & Entertainment, head over here.

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