Unconventional art: Malaysian artists taking their creations to the next level

No brushes involved


By Buro247

Unconventional art: Malaysian artists taking their creations to the next level

While painting with paints and brushes is a pretty typical thing, these two local artists have made their mark both locally and internationally with their creative masterpieces, using mediums that not many would normally think of – food and other raw materials such as chopsticks and candle wax. 

Red Hong Yi

Red Hongyi is well-known for her portraits of famous people, including one of Jackie Chan using chopsticks

She’s known for her unconventional methods in creating her stunning likeness of famous icons – think basketballer Yao Ming done in red paint using a basketball, a coffee-stained Taiwanese singer Jay Chou using the underside of a cup and even singer Adele using blue tealights, melting into a river of wax. 

An architect by profession, Red enjoys creating her pieces as long as she’s not using a paintbrush. One of her projects where she challenged herself to create something for 31 days, entitled 31 Days of Food Creativity, involved food and an empty white plate. On it, she put together landscapes, animals and cultural icons, which got plenty of people talking and sharing. 

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See more of Red Hong Yi’s work here.


Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee loves creating food art for her children

Mum-of-two and food artist Samantha Lee started creating cute pictures using her daughter’s meals at the end of 2008 to help her eldest daughter take an intrest in her meals. She started an Instagram account to document her creations and ever since then, it has taken off, with a whopping 697,000 followers on Instagram and counting. Taking inspiration from everything including celebrities, cartoon characters and even her daughters’ ideas, her work has been featured extensively and now clients commision her to construct special pieces for campaigns.

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See more of Samantha’s work here.

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