How to travel with your partner (without murdering each other)

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How to travel with your partner (without murdering each other)

This Valentine’s Day, some of you will be travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And for some of you, it will be the first time; and if you’re not careful, it will also be the last. Travelling with your Significant Other (SO) is like travelling with a close friend—you may not realise how annoying they can be until you’re handcuffed for trying to push them out through the plane’s emergency door. So take these precautions for the sake of your relationship:

tips for couples travelling together

1. You should not “just be spontaneous”

Couples who have been together for a long time would already know about each other’s quirks. Therefore, they can wing it. However, if this is your first time travelling with your SO, the only thing that will be spontaneous is the insults after the third day. The two of you may have entirely different expectations when it comes to visiting a new city. You may think it’s great to visit museums and art galleries or stare in awe at the natural beauty that is Ayer’s Rock. Your partner may not. And thus, friction is born. So plan an itinerary to ensure both of you get to do the things you guys want to do.

tips for first vacation as a couple

2. Don’t plan to be together all the time

There are couples who love spending every minute of the day with each other. And then, there are couples who sometimes need a break from each other. If you’re the latter and imagine five hours of talking to the same person on the plane could potentially bore you, then make sure to set aside some time to do your own thing. Besides, going in different directions also means covering more of your holiday destination. When one of you finds something interesting, you can rope your partner in for a second visit. That way, you don’t need to compromise on certain things too. While one of you spend a few hours soaking up the arts at the museum, the other can make a guilt-free trip to the mall.


3. And if something goes wrong

At some point, an accident could happen. Maybe your partner cancelled an Airbnb booking without reading the “non-refundable deposit” clause. Maybe one of you woke up late and your only way home is to accept an 11-hour stopover—or get really good at long-distance swimming. But hey, it happens. What matters is that when it does happen, you two focus on finding a solution. When you’re both in a teamwork mode, you’re less likely to point out how your SO snored like a strangled horse all night, thus causing you to wake up late.

first vacation together as a couple

4. Be sensitive to bedroom habits

Find out what your SO can’t stand in the bedroom before going on the trip. Some people hate being talked to in a moisty gust of morning breath. Some people feel 32 degrees is “chilly” and insist to turn off the air-conditioning. Some people can’t stand leaving the toilet light on at night (why is it necessary?). Whatever it is, be sure to prepare for it to make everybody’s trip more comfortable.


5. Learn to get over it

Have a disagreement? Change the topic—fast. This is especially important because you’re going to spend an excessive amount of time together. Quarrelling at the same time is the prelude to a break-up—or a Crimewatch episode. Whatever goes wrong, just don’t harp on it.

tips for couples travelling together

6. Be prepared to restaurant-hop

Some people are adventurous eaters while others think the curly fries at McDonald’s are too much of a risk (they’ve had the straight ones since they were kids and that’s the kind they’ll eat till they die). You get the idea. Your partner may not share your enthusiasm for local cuisine and when you’re eating three meals a day together for a week, expect some friction. So here’s a solution: You eat whatever chow you want while your SO orders a drink only. Then, follow your partner to wherever he or she wants to have a bite at, and you get a drink. It may sound impractical right now but don’t knock it till you try it. You’ll both be happier.


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