#ThrowbackTuesday: Looking back at KL in the 70s (in photos)

Nostalgic hues


By Su Fen Tan

#ThrowbackTuesday: Looking back at KL in the 70s (in photos)

To the much younger generation, the sight of our capital city without the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and bustling traffic may seem like an entirely foreign idea, but those who have lived through the golden age would have seen how KL transformed throughout the years. It is safe to say that the city has come a long ways since the 1970s.


Curious to see what old KL looked like? Take a walk down memory lane with us with this holiday album by Flickr user Rod Savidge. The photos were taken when his family came to KL for a holiday in 1975, giving us a glimpse of what once was—look through some of the photos below, complete with their original captions:

See more of Savidge’s family album here. Images of his trip to KL in 1975 from page 6 onwards.

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