The most compatible horoscope signs, according to these celebrity friendships


By Marissa Chin

The most compatible horoscope signs, according to these celebrity friendships

Today is World Friendship Day and we’re celebrating by showing you the most compatible horoscope signs and why they work so that you can be the BFF you were meant to be. Case in point: These celebrity besties who get along like two peas in a pod.

Kendall Jenner (Scorpio) & Gigi Hadid (Taurus)

Kendall Jenner Gigi Hadid BFFs friendship 2020

Why they vibe: They are opposing signs that sit directly across each other on the chart, which means the girls can mesh well without overstepping each other’s boundaries. Opposites attract but they also balance: Hadid’s good-natured honesty helps open up Jenner’s naturally secretive disposition. In addition, Hadid can learn a thing or two from the Kardashian’s realism. Both signs also have real wants: the Bull loves material comfort while the Scorpion loves being on top. With their joint passion for the finer things in life, these two besties know how to properly treat themselves and each other.

Matt Damon (Libra) & Ben Affleck (Leo)

Matt Damon Ben Affleck friendship

Why they vibe: Leo and Libra make an absolutely magnetic pair, be it in a romantic or platonic relationship. The regal lions are the royalty of the horoscope chart and they will not hesitate to show off that crown! Affleck’s Leo Sun naturally craves an audience while Damon’s diplomatic Libra side doesn’t mind stepping down to let his friend take the reins (but not without attracting some attention of his own).

Lady Gaga (Aries) & Bradley Cooper (Capricorn)

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper friendship

Why they vibe: From the get-go, they might seem like an unlikely pair of friends. The Aries is all about having a good time (it’s non-negotiable) while the efficient Capricorn just wants to get things done. But don’t forget that Aries and Capricorn are two of the four Cardinal signs which means that they are natural-born leaders that are all about #winning. Lady Gaga’s charismatic fire energy can convince anyone to do anything while Cooper’s Capri vibes make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes—which is why they also make for great business partners.

Selena Gomez (Cancer) & Taylor Swift (Sagittarius)

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift friendships BFFs

Why they vibe: Okay, we’re still racking our brains trying to figure out how these two are the ultimate BFFs. After all, Gomez’s watery gentle soul and Tay-Tay’s blazing no-frills Sag Sun don’t sound like an ideal match. But it’s one of those friendships that push you out of your comfort zone—it’s scary but also super rewarding. Cancers are symbolised by the Crab: hard on the outside but a softie on the inside. With the Archer’s vivacious energy and adventurous streak, it can help push the meek Crustaceans out of their shell. Likewise, the maternal Water Bearer will offer loyal support and good ol’ Cancerian self-reflection when the Sagittarius gets a little too fearless.

Beyoncé (Virgo) & Alicia Keys (Aquarius)

Beyonce Alicia Keys friendship zodiac

Why they vibe: This is one friendship that can seriously bring about some real-world change—Beyoncé’s Virgo Sun has a natural need to help those around her while Keys’ own Aquarian humanitarian vibes mean that they can, and will, make the world a better place. Virgos, as the resident data-crunchers of the horoscope, have keen eyes for detail that perfectly complements the Air Bearer’s big visions.

Cara Delevigne (Leo) & Rihanna (Pisces)

Rihanna Cara Delevigne friendship

Why they vibe: People who say that fire and water do not go together have clearly never seen a Leo-Pisces friendship in action. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, to say the least. The high-flying lion is fascinated by the fish’s shy disposition but it only brings the best out of the two opposing signs. Delevigne’s Leo energy loves to lead and Rihanna’s empathetic water soul is all about encouraging her friend to do what she does best. At the same time, Leos can learn a lot about being more sensitive creatures from their fellow Fish pals.

Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) & Courtney Cox (Gemini)

Jennifer Aniston Courtney Cox friendship

Why they vibe: Do you have a friend that is so similar to you, it’s like you’re staring into a mirror? That’s what Aniston and Cox’s friendship is probably like. From their run in Friends to IRL, these BFFs have a connection that shouldn’t be a huge surprise—after all, they’re both Air signs so it’s inevitable that they just get each other. The Aquarian and Gemini are high-energy signs so expect a lot of laughter, spontaneous adventures and crazy antics.

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