Stephanie Chai on her top 5 beautiful resorts around the world

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Stephanie Chai on her top 5 beautiful resorts around the world

What is your criteria when selecting the place you stay when on holiday? 

I’m a little spoiled nowadays as our team is lucky enough to get invites from our villa and hotel partners to check out new properties! Once in Phuket, my best friend and I had an entire 7-bedroom villa to ourselves.

I look for a few things – design, service, finishing and of course, a fair rate charged for the property I’m getting.

When do you usually travel?
For work! My work trips usually hover between Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. If I could choose a destination for holiday though it would be Europe. Greece and Italy….ah, the good life!

What are your top 3 cities that inspire you?
Hong Kong, London and New York. Each, a melting pot of their own, but with their own distinct character and style. There’s an energy about them as soon as you step off the plane – and you don’t get that everywhere!

Where is your next holiday and what do you plan do there?
Bali, for my birthday party in August!! August is famous for big parties in Bali, so a good friend and I are renting a villa and inviting our friends from all over to pop down. We’ll probably heading to the “Bikini Party” and Sunny Side up Festival. Needless to say with the former, I had better start working out!

Here are 5 of Stephanie’s top resort picks to stay in around the world.


Luna2 Private Hotel, Seminyak, Bali

“It’s the best party villa in Bali!”

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Kata Rocks, Phuket, Thailand

“Kata Rocks is like a slice of Greece in Phuket. This white-walled infinity pool resort is pure luxe with the ultimate sea view.”

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Blackrock Villa, Santorini, Greece

“Blackrock is not just a villa but also a recording studio where the likes of Justin Bieber and other famous artists have flocked to, to record their hit albums. Even if you don’t sing, enjoy this beautiful villa with a pool overlooking the ocean.”

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Mazzini 31, Umbria, Italy

“This place is true Italian luxury! What would a stay in Tuscany be without your own villa with a chef, private wine cellar and spa to boot? Mazzini 31 is a great blend of modernity and Italian tradition.”

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Glasshouse, Niseko, Japan

“Want a private concierge? An outdoor jacuzzi? Need we say more? I love the seamless design of the Glasshouse!”

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