Sean Lee’s guide to perfecting TikTok challenges with step-by-step tutorials


By Ronn Tan

Sean Lee’s guide to perfecting TikTok challenges with step-by-step tutorials

Throughout our BURO. Hangouts Live series—created to bring the entertainment to you as we all self-isolate at home, we had the pleasure of speaking to many wonderful and influential figures (in their respective fields). The personalities that hung out with us are Hannah Yeoh, Simon Webbe, Datuk Nicol David, Melinda Looi, Sheena Liam, Linora Low, Alicia Tan, Emily Quak, Dr Jason Leong, Jasmine Chong, Jasmine Suraya, Att Yusof, Yaya Zahir, Nelissa Hilman, Ummi Nasir, Juno Ko, Khoon Hooi, Izrin Ismail, Jojo Struys, Celest Thoi, Sasibai Kimis, and Kenny Lim of Befrienders KL.

To help us end the special feature with a massive bang, the one and only Sean Lee joined us on Instagram Live for an exciting joy-filled get-together. The actor, host, and content creator is one of the most recognisable faces in Malaysia—from programmes such as I Can See Your Voice Malaysia, Sweet Dreams, and Keluarga Pontimau. Oh, he is also a prominent TikTok-er; with about 230,000 followers and 986,000 likes on the platform so far.

During the 24th and last episode of our series, Sean Lee spoke to us (in both English and Malay) about all things TikTok, shared his tips on hitting the perfect woah, spilled some smooth transition secrets, and taught us the dance steps to two popular TikTok challenges—Sunday Best and Treasure. Watch the full video below as Sean guides you through each challenge step by step (as well as talks about his journey as a content creator and his advice for those who wants to succeed).

What have you been up to during the past two months—during MCO and CMCO? Has your usual routine been affected?

I don’t think I’ve been affected too much. Many of the things I do are done at home, including editing and shooting. The difference is that I have to do them by myself instead of working with my team. That’s the difficult part.

I’m already used to making videos on my own because I started by getting things done alone in my room—with a camera and tripod. That’s how I started. During MCO, it’s really back to basics.

We also have to think about how we can create content for viewers that they will enjoy. When I’m working alone, I have less time because I have to plan, shoot, be the talent, and edit. There’s a lot of work to be done.

When did you start getting into TikTok?

My first TikTok was posted in 2018. Two years ago. That was when TikTok first came out and there weren’t many users.

On creating content:

In any platform that you are on, there are different types of creators—such as beauty, comedy sketches, and lip syncing. Regardless of what you like, you will find your audience. If someone is interested to be a creator, don’t compare yourself to another person when you’re trying to create content. Everyone is different.

Find your audience and find something you’re comfortable with. I have always been searching for my style. Even up until now, I want to make somebody happy with every content I put out. It can be a small laugh or a positive impact on that day. That is just my goal.

Now that you know the steps to Treasure and Sunday Best, it’s time to practise and upload your videos on TikTok. Don’t forget to tag Sean Lee at @seanlje. You’re truly on your way to getting better at TikTok with the tutorials given by Sean Lee. Make sure to aim for the For You page!

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