Buro Spotlight: The truth behind Cole Sprouse’s other (not-so-secret) successful career


By Tammy Chan

Buro Spotlight: The truth behind Cole Sprouse’s other (not-so-secret) successful career

Yup, that’s right! The Disney alum, who turns 27 today, knows his way around a camera lens – and unless you’re a big fan or have been following him on Instagram, this is one talent you probably wouldn’t have known he had. So let us fill you in!

Cole Sprouse currently has over 27.4 million followers on Instragram and out of the 995 posts (as of 3 August 2019) on his profile, 90% of them are pictures of his own photography work. Striking good looks aside, the actor, who plays Jughead Jones on the popular American hit TV series Riverdale, is doing a good job in proving he’s more than just a pretty face with the help of his portfolio as a photographer. However, the story of how he got there isn’t quite the merry one.

Famously known as the adorable blonde-haired child actor in Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Friends, Cole took a break from acting in 2011 to further his education at New York University. Ever since graduating with his archaeology degree in 2015, he has been open about his battle with mental illness and how hard growing up in the entertainment industry was for him. But after every storm, there is a rainbow, and it was thanks to his experience with depression that led him to discover a newfound hobby which would later evolve into an impressive side job.

“It was depression that drove me to do it. That’s the real truth. It was depression that led me to the camera. It heals you know, a hobby. There’s no band aid like a hobby. I’ve been destructive, I know that now. I can see that I’m in a desert, and I’ve been thinking about that oasis when I should’ve been trying to get out,” Cole shared on an Instagram post from 2016.

A year after that post, he further elaborated on his passion in an interview with Teen Vogue“Maybe it was escapism, but I had become obsessed with going to remote locations and keeping myself behind the camera, that came from a personal place where I was very dissatisfied with the way my society was treating me. Photography is a pursuit that allows you to be very hands-on with what you show people of either yourself or the art you want to make, and acting is kind of the exact opposite. You do have a modicum of creative freedom as an actor, but you’re still very much a cipher for other people’s art. If you’re a photographer, you end up being the raw creative force that allows other people to see what kind of narrative you want to be giving or what kind of art that you want people to see.”

Are you ready to see the skills this man possess? We’ve narrowed down all our favourite work of his below!

Wall Street Journal Magazine‘s Young Hollywood spread

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Kendall Jenner in The Sunday Times

{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Kendall Jenner in The Sunday Times” rid=”7484″ order=”a_tstamp”}

Sophie Turner for W Magazine

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Irish fashion retailer, Primark‘s 2019 Spring and Summer collection

Dylan Sprouse (his twin brother) for LA denim company, J Brand’s Spring 2019 campaign

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Portraits of his Riverdale cast members

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And last but not least, some of his travel landscape shots that never failed to fuel our wanderlust

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