Postcards with Love: Bella Kuan in Ibiza, Spain

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By Rachel Au

Postcards with Love: Bella Kuan in Ibiza, Spain

If there’s one person whose holiday caught our eye, it’s @bellakuan—although almost all her travel snaps have us green with envy. Her last dose of wanderlust took her to the island of Ibiza where she was greeted with the twinkling blue Mediterranean Sea, quiet villages, serene beaches, summer nightlife and so much more. Here, Bella sends Postcards with Love of her trip complete with a couple of travel suggestions. 

bella kuan amante beach club ibiza


Amante Beach Club 

Great cocktails (though I personally thought they were a little on the weak side) and a very sophisticated place to hang out with DJs dropping some chill beats. I had a daybed that was located right on top of the cliff side that overlooked the coastline and the view was 11/10! I have spent full days there having long lunches, naps and dinner while enjoying the cool breeze. Every meal was satisfying and the best part? They do movie nights every Tuesday by the cliff under the stars overlooking the sea. It’s a very romantic place for couples to hang around.

bella kuan amante beach club ibiza

La Granja 

This place is an absolute must-visit/stay if you are ever in Ibiza. A 10-hectare farmstead that features a fertile garden and citrus forests, La Granja is a farmhouse that includes ten guest rooms, a terrace pool and a barn-style bar that’s really cosy at night. It’s a mix of rural simplicity and barefoot luxury. What I love most about the place is their farm-to-table concept where they prepare a delicious menu of healthy, fresh slow food for the communal table. We were even invited to hang around the kitchen so that was really cool. You can also sign up for yoga lessons in the morning followed by breakfast with a vast assortment of farm-grown fruits.

la granja ibiza bella kuan

Experimental Beach Club 

It’s a hidden place that is located near Ses Salines, one of Ibiza’s famous national parks. You can easily spot wild flamingos here. The theme for this beach club is white and pastel blue so girls will definitely love it! And the vibe is very bohemian and carefree. If you’d like to experience the local scene, this is one of the best places to be. They serve one of the best tapas menus around and the prices are pretty affordable. 

bella kuan ibiza experimental beach club


Patatas Bravas! Simple yet tasty. I love anything that has to do with carbs, and they make the perfect snack. 

bella kuan ibiza travel diary


Ibiza is a very sensational place where you can get the best of both worlds—party and retreat. The people there are extremely warm and friendly too!



My wireless portable speaker. Can’t live without music!

la-granja-ibiza-bar-bella kuan


Sadly I didn’t manage to shop while I was there but I brought back a lot of memories and experiences that money definitely can’t buy.


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