Yuna, Hujan and more to perform at Lovelifest next month

Yuna, Hujan and more to perform at Lovelifest next month


Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Facebook / Yuna

Join Lovelifest—The Love Life Festival—on 11 March 2017 for a celebration of local music, arts and life

Yuna may be touring and making waves across the globe, but the Malaysian sweetheart is still very much committed to contributing to the local music scene. Her record label, Yuna Room Records, introduces Lovelifest—a festival that puts Malaysian music and arts at the forefront. Taking place at Setia City Park in Setia Alam, there will be food trucks and a bazaar too.


Yuna announced the festival on her Instagram feed with the following message: "Join me and my friends this 11th March at Lovelifest. Bring your friends, your parents, your husband your wife your kids your babies (I love babies!!).. come hang out, have some food, play with bubbles, shop at the bazaar, have a picnic at the park and listen to some music. Take one day to spend time with your loved ones and be lovely."


If that isn't enough to convince you, check out the full lineup here:

For more information, visit


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