Shining the spotlight onto Fendi's Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana

Shining the spotlight onto Fendi's Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana

Reviving a monument

Fendi inaugurates its new headquarters in the historical Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana with an elegant light installation

Built in the late 30s, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (PDCI) became one of Rome's monumental buildings, representing the arts and crafts of Italy. Known as the "Square Colosseum," the building is also recognised by the 28 statues that decorate its four facades. It was in July 2013 that Fendi announced a 15-year agreement with EUR S.p.a. for this prestigious building, and today it not only stands as a dedicated space for art installations and exhibitions, it has also become home to Fendi's new headquarters.

Mario Nenni's Poem of Light

While last week marked its inauguration, the event also unveiled the addition of a permanent light installation by artist Mario Nanni. A simple yet mesmerising installation, a white light scales up the columns of the Palazzo's arcades with increasing shades and intensities, highlighting the beauty of the Palazzo's architecture. Additionally, Nanni created a special "poesia di luce" (poem of light) for the occasion of the Palazzo's rebirth, laid out to illuminate its facade.

"We are proud to give back today to our city, Rome, and to the whole world, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, symbol of our Roman roots and of a continuous dialogue between traditions and modernity, values dear to Fendi since ever," chairman and ceo of Fendi Pietro Beccari said. "In addition from 23 October, after more than 70 years from its creation, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana's first floor will be finally open to public through an exhibition that tells its story since its architectural project to nowadays."

Pietro Beccari, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld at the Fendi PDCI Inauguration

Available for public viewing until 7 March 2016, the exhibition, titled 'Uva Nuova Roma. L'Eur e il Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana' features a rich array of paintings, images, drawings, photographs and videos that follow the great artists and architects of the 90s.

For more information on the inaugural exhibition, head to Fendi's official website.