ICYMI: Netflix's Stranger Things takeover at Good Vibes Festival 2019

ICYMI: Netflix's Stranger Things takeover at Good Vibes Festival 2019

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Text: Stephanie Boey

Image: Netflix
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What you need to know about Netflix's Stranger Things takeover at Good Vibes Festival 2019

It appears that Good Vibes Festival 2019 was one of the portals to Netflix's Stranger Things universe. Festival-goers were transported back to the ‘80s in Hawkins, Indiana while Malaysians enjoyed the tunes of Good Vibes' line-up. Stranger Things Season 3 recently premiered on Netflix on 4 July so you can imagine the buzz during the festival. To celebrate the latest season, Netflix introduced #StrangerVibes—an immersive experience to the much-loved show. ICYMI: here's a run-through of the installation and the iconic moments that were recreated.


Welcome to Starcourt Mall

If you're caught up with Stranger Things Season 3, you would recognise this exterior as Hawkins' Starcourt Mall. It's where our favourite characters hung out for the most of Season 3. Steve got a job scooping ice cream at the local ice cream parlour and it's where Eleven and Max went shopping during their girls' day out. But little did they know then that beneath the floors were a team of Russian scientists with a sinister agenda.


Enter Joyce, Jonathan and Will Byers' home

The wallpaper and wooden panelling is a dead giveaway to the Byers' one-storey family home in Hawkins, Indiana. If you didn't catch this reference, you would've when you walked through that door. Inside, the familiar sight of Christmas lights hung across the mirrored room with painted letters, throwing back to the first season where Joyce Byers communicated to Will when he was in the Upside Down.


Riding around Hawkins, Indiana

One of the main photo opportunities during #StrangerVibes at Good Vibes Festival 2019 were the row of bicycles, complete with walkie-talkies secured to the handles. You may remember the bikes as Mike, Will, Dustin and Caleb's main mode of transportation in Season 1. If and when Stranger Things returns for a fourth season, they'll be riding around in cars already. They grow up so fast.


That van scene

Speaking of bicycles, one of Stranger Things' most memorable moments happens while the gang is escaping the federal agents that experimented on Eleven in Season 1. Eleven showed her telekinetic powers by flipping one of the vans in mid-air, allowing them to escape.


Gamers paradise

The opening to Stranger Things Season 2 was recreated with an actual arcade. The scene was a great reintroduction to the characters as we caught up with the boys who have grown up and out of Will's basement playing Dungeons and Dragons for hours on end and graduating to... video games. But hey, no shade. Video games for the win. Let's not forget how Max slayed the boys' high scores.


Happy Halloween

After a harrowing experience being stuck in the Upside Down in Season 1, Will soon finds out he is yet to be free from his nightmarish ordeal in Stranger Things 2. During a night out trick or treating for Halloween, Will caught a glimpse of the show's main villain-The Mind Flayer. Malaysian illustrator, Lyn-Hui Ong recaptured the bone-chilling scene in her signature style and was one of the handpicked artists by Netflix to join in the #StrangerRewind project.


Hello again, demogorgons

Spoiler alert: There are no demogorgons in Stranger Things Season 3, so it was a nice surprise to see the monsters during #StrangerVibes. Weird thing to say, but we miss the sight of them this time round. Compared to the latest season's antagonists, the demodogs aren't so scary.


The city skyline

The climax of Stranger Things 3 occurs during the town's 4th of July carnival, and has become the backdrop of the newest season's teaser posters. Here, Netflix replaced the scene of Hawkins, Indiana with our very own Kuala Lumpur.