Who knew visual art could be created with music?

Who knew visual art could be created with music?

Good vibrations

Cymatics: visualising nature’s beautiful inclination towards symmetry through sound.

Using audio frequencies paired with natural elements such as water, sand and fire, musician Nigel Stanford has created a series of stunning visuals with the use of cymatics. A new-age composer known for his ambient trance genre of music, Stanford's video documents his experimentation with the science of cymatics, ultimately highlighting the beauty of sound and translating this natural wonder into visuals.

The result is a stunning series of imagery that highlights the perfect symmetrical patterns nature creates. Here, Stanford uses several tools that are able to capture the audio frequencies of his music: a metal plate attached to a speaker that is covered in sand; a petri dish attached to a speaker and filled with vodka; a hose pipe taped to a speaker; magnetic fluid controlled by a synthesizer; a speaker with a tube filled with flammable gas; and a Tesla coil, you know, to make everything look cooler.

Check out more of Stanford's work here, with additional videos on the preparations that went behind the scenes