#Beychella: How Beyoncé made Coachella her own

#Beychella: How Beyoncé made Coachella her own

All hail Queen Bey

Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Getty Images

Queen Bey came, saw, and conquered with an epic performance, turning Coachella into Beychella

By now, if you haven't seen videos of Beyoncé's performance, you've probably caught murmurs (or downright worships really) on social media. Not even 48 hours have passed since, but her two-hour set that saw appearances from Jay-Z and Solange, and the Destiny's Child reunion we are living for, backed by 100 dancers and a 200-strong marching band, is already legendary. Even her fellow stars are in awe: 


[Updated] Unfortunately, the videos of her full performance have been blocked on copyright grounds, and weekend two of Coachella won't be livestreamed on YouTube. The next best thing now is her performance recap here by Vulture plus snippets of recordings that are still making rounds on the internet.