The Return of the Rainforest World Music Festival

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By Buro247

The Return of the Rainforest World Music Festival

Located in the heart of the Borneo jungle, the event unites renowned musicians from around the globe, ranging from American folk music to African drummers and native performers, to present an array of talents from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Running since 1997, the event held at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching, attracts over 20,000 people from all corners of the world to dance and sing along to the lively music whilst being surrounded by the lush greenery of Sarawak. Beyond the evening performances, tourists and locals are invited to indulge in various music, art and cultural activities during the day, including mini concerts, jam sessions, ethno-musical lectures and workshops. 

In addition to the multitude of happenings taking place from 7-9 August, the site is also packed with an assortment of food, drinks, arts and craft, as well as festive memorabilia, enabling visitors to truly taste and experience the tropical flavours of Malaysia.

Being one of the biggest festivals held in Malaysia, this is an event not-to-be missed. Let the countdown begin! 


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