The latest MVs by Malaysian music acts to catch up on


By Su Fen Tan

The latest MVs by Malaysian music acts to catch up on


‘The Fight (Round 2)’ by Battle Bloom

Battle Bloom packs a little more spunk into one of their songs from their last EP to bring you ‘The Fight (Round 2)’, complemented by an equally delightful MV injected with the band’s quirky sense of humour.


‘Guilty Plea’ by Kyoto Protocol

In the midst of their #MilikKita national tour (the KL stop is this Saturday, 1 December at The Bee), Kyoto Protocol drops the MV for their second single ‘Guilty Plea’. You can always count on these guys to deliver—see if you can spot the Easter egg at the end!


‘Close Your Eyes’ by Evelyn Feroza x Q Sound

No stranger to the local live music circuit, Evelyn Feroza finally launches her first single ‘Close Your Eyes’, a sultry track produced in collaboration with Q Sound.


‘Alone’ by Hani & Zue

The singer-songwriter duo releases their first ever English single ‘Alone’, along with a visually captivating video directed by the one and only Yuna.


‘Sara’ by Juno and Hanna

Another talented duo that should be on your radar (if they aren’t already), Juno and Hanna tease the launch of their new EP with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Sara’.


‘fooled me’ by Talitha.

After the launch of her EP Boys at Urbanscapes, Talitha. gives us a glimpse into her heartbreak club with the MV for ‘fooled me’.


‘Bersamamu’ by Altimet ft. Cuurley

As local rap royalty Altimet turned 40 on Tuesday (27 November), he also announced that he will retire as a performer, but not before dropping his final album titled O—here’s the first single off it.


‘Obvious’ by Alif and SonaOne

On the bright side, Altimet can rest assured knowing the torch for the local hip-hop scene is being carried by the likes of SonaOne, seen here with his catchy new collaboration with Singaporean rapper Alif.


‘Could This Be Love?’ by Charis Ow

For her second single, Charis Ow stamps her K-pop-inspired signature on another bubbly, upbeat track in Malay that will no doubt sweep her fans (or chayangs) off their feet.


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