The best of Burberry’s music moments in ’17 Years of Soundtracks’

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By Su Fen Tan

The best of Burberry’s music moments in ’17 Years of Soundtracks’

After 17 years at the design helm of Burberry, Christopher Bailey will be leaving the company at the end of this year. Besides his creative legacy, his time at Burberry is also marked by a close and long-standing relationship with music. This emcompasses the thoughtful curation of campaign and runway soundtracks, event live acts, as well as the Burberry Acoustic project, which celebrates the best of upcoming and established British artists.

Celebrating the stellar music that have shaped the brand over its recent history,  ’17 Years of Soundtracks’ is now available exclusively on Apple Music. Curated by Bailey, it features over 200 tracks, with more music to be added later this week after the designer’s final Burberry show on Saturday (17 Feb).  


“’17 Years of Soundtracks’ is the perfect way to celebrate the incredible roster of musicians that have helped shape my time at Burberry, be it directly through exclusive recordings, or lending their songs as the backdrop to our experiences,” says Bailey. “This patchwork of tracks is a musical tribute to Burberry’s past, present and future, which I hope will not only introduce new music to audiences but also allow for some musical rediscovery.”

Listen to ’17 Years of Soundtracks’ now on Apple Music. 

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