Made in Malaysia: The freshest tracks to get you through the week


By Su Fen Tan

Made in Malaysia: The freshest tracks to get you through the week

Ease into the brand new week with the sultry vocals and bewitching beats of Froya on ‘Halloumi Honey’, the indie singer-songwriter and producer’s latest offering from her string of delectable singles. Waste no time in kicking things up a notch with up-and-coming music act lost spaces’ upbeat new track ‘fun.noise’—like the rest of their releases so far, it’s a solid production with groovy hooks and good ol’ head-bobbing vibes. Keep that feet tapping with ‘Blank Marquee’, Yuna’s ’80s-tinged track featuring G-Eazy.

We then take a break from synths and move into rock territory with Jaggfuzzbeats’ ‘In Time’, which will reel you in with its infectious beat. Vocalist of folk act The Cotton Field Scarecrows, Johan Sultan’s first single ‘I’m A Rat’ veers away from the Americana sound his band is known for and delves into the vicinity of garage rock accompanied by a baritone drawl that is quite intriguing.

Following that intense track, we’re dialing it down with the sweet harmonies of The Impatient Sisters on ‘Hopeless’, a light, airy number that guest stars Farez Khan of Dangerdisko on backing vocals. Driving us back to synth city is Leo Ari ‘Manic Panic’, with a laidback start that builds up to a peak that is worth the wait—keep an ear out for Takahara Suiko (The Venopian Solitude) and Leaism on backing vocals too.

It transitions nicely into ‘Passin’ Thru’, MFMF.’s collab with Daiyan Trisha that puts a heartfelt dialog between a couple going through a rough patch in their relationship into song. Another ode to the hardships that come with love, ‘Take Love Back’ by NJWA is about an interracial-interfaith relationship that suffers due to pressures of the society. Rounding up this playlist is Beverly Matujal’s ‘Goldmine’—a breakaway from the singer-songwriter’s mellow tunes, Beverly states her mind against trading oneself for material riches with a sassy, upbeat new track.

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