Katy Perry to drop new album this June

What we know so far


By Gwen Ong

Katy Perry to drop new album this June

She has given us multiple earworm-inducing songs such as I Kissed a Girl and Fireworks. Now get ready to be a “witness” to more great hits from Katy Perry as she announces her new album title and release date – Witness and June 9th y’all!

The singer has actually been cleverly dropping hints of the album lately. She attended the recent Met Gala in a red Maison Margiela dress topped with a headpiece reading, you guessed it, ‘Witness’. The eyeball reference/emoji (in place of the ‘i’ in witness) has also been featured strongly in Katy’s tweets and Instagram captions furthering the hype surrounding her new album.

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If her two new singles – Chained to the Rhythm and Bon Appétit – are of any indication, Katy’s new record will take on a disco theme. In an interview with Billboard, she describes Witness as a “360-degree liberation: mental liberation, sexual liberation, negative liberation, spiritual liberation.” It follows her transition from her 20s to 30s and listeners will get an introspective look into Katheryn Hudson—Katy’s legal name. “It’s fun and dancey and dark and light,” she said. She also revealed that some 40 songs were recorded but only 15 tracks made it into Witness.


Following the announcement of her new album, the artist will go on tour come September 2017. We can only wish Malaysia will be one of the dates too.


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